Room for One More in the Family

Every host family is special, but there are some who go above and beyond - families like the Hogans who we met in Missouri. After hosting the Ugandan Kids Choir in their home, the Hogans decided they wanted to do even more. They wanted to sponsor a child!

The Hogan’s host children were thrilled! Finding new sponsors is their ultimate goal while touring the U.S.

Desire had no idea how special the Hogan family would be to her own family.

You see, the Ugandan Kids Choir is comprised of children who have all been sponsored by generous families in the U.S. Their own families can’t afford to keep them in school, but because of sponsorship, their books, uniforms, school fees and other needs are all covered. When they come on the choir tour, the children act as ambassadors, hoping that kids like them all over the world can have the same benefits.

They take their jobs very seriously. Before every performance, they gather around the sponsorship table and each pick a few of the passports to specifically pray for. They pray that the children on each passport would find a sponsor!

The choir kids were thrilled to see their friend Phiona at the sponsorship table.

But the Hogan family didn’t want to sponsor just any child. They wanted to sponsor someone special. So they asked the kids if there was someone they knew back in Uganda who they could help. The kids started looking through the pile of sponsorship passports, looking for faces they recognized.

The children in need of sponsorship come from all over the world, and we try to prioritize the neediest children first. So there aren’t always kids from the same areas as the choir kids. But about half way through the stack of passports, they found someone many of them recognized. You should have heard their squeals of delight. The passport they found was Phiona’s – one of their classmates from back home!

They all exclaimed over her smiling face, some of them hugging it a little bit, like it was a little piece of home. Their words were tripping over each other as they explained that the Hogans should choose Phiona to be their sponsored child.

But then one of the girls glanced down at the passport that had been sitting under Fiona’s. “Desire!” she screamed, “do you see Rachael!?”

They were even more excited to see Rachael, Desire's sister!

Desire stared at the passport with big round eyes. She couldn’t believe it. But it was true! The next passport in the stack had a picture of Rachael, her sister!

Before she became sponsored, Desire’s life was difficult. Her family was so poor they often couldn’t put food on the table. And every day Desire went to school, she was never sure she’d be able to afford to go back the next day. But when she got sponsored, all that changed! It was the best day of her life.

Unfortunately, her sister Rachael wasn’t sponsored. Desire felt a little guilty that she was getting so many benefits while Rachael was still worrying about how to pay her school fees. Desire had no idea that Rachael had even been added to the sponsorship list, so it was a shocking surprise to see her passport. Looking at her sister’s picture, Desire couldn’t stop smiling.

The kids wound up showing their host family both Phiona’s and Rachael’s passports. And looking at their hopeful, excited faces, the Hogans realized they couldn’t say no. Their host daughter’s sister needed a sponsor. Their host children’s friend also needed a sponsor. Looking at the names on the passport sealed the deal even further: their own daughter is also named Rachel!

Glancing at each other, the Hogans realized their family had just grown to include not only the choir kids standing in front of them, but also the two girls on the passports.

The whole Hogan family!

The Hogans now sponsor both Phiona and Rachael. Desire is thrilled! Now when she goes home, she and Rachael will be able to go to school together. And Phiona will be there too!

Isn’t it amazing to see the way God works all things together for good!? Praise Him for Desire’s generous host family and the positive changes Racheal and Phiona will see because of them! We’re so thankful for each person who decides there is room for one more in their family!

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