5 Creative Ways to Double the Good this Christmas


With just one month until Christmas, it’s time to get serious about your shopping list! But you don’t have to stick with just physical items. Our Double the Good gifts are here to help. It’s a gift for your friend, AND it’s a gift for a child in need.

Every gift in our Christmas Catalog can be given in the name of a friend or family member. Simply fill out the Double the Good form, and we’ll send a special, free Christmas card to your loved one notifying them of the difference being made in their name. You can also download the card to print at home yourself. Your gift will bless both your recipient and a child in need for TWICE the good!

Here are some creative ways to Double the Good this Christmas

1. The Perfect Gift

We all have people on our list who are hard to shop for. These are the people who already have all the “things” they could possibly need. But you still want them to know you love them and you’re thinking of them at Christmas. A Double the Good gift is the perfect solution! The actual “thing” goes to someone who really needs it, but your loved one still gets the joy of knowing you care.

2. Teachable moment

Is your family looking for ways to combat the consumerism that threatens to overshadow the real meaning of Christmas? Many parents and grandparents are looking for ways to teach their kids about gratitude at Christmas instead of a “more, more, more!” mentality. And Double the Good gifts do just that! Giving a gift to a needy child in your own child’s name is a wonderful opportunity to teach them about giving back and about the real needs that children in poverty face every day.

3. Involve the kids

Get the kids in on the shopping fun! Let your child pick a Double the Good gift for grandma or grandpa. The catalog includes many low-cost choices that even allowance money and Tooth Fairy change can cover, including Bibles, deworming tablets, chickens and more! Your child will love getting to choose a present, and their Double the Good recipient will be so touched by their desire to help others.

4. Perfect Pairings

To help your Double the Good recipient connect even more with the difference being made in their name, why not pair your Double the Good donation with a physical gift? You could donate a Happy Feet Pak of shoes and socks for a child in need, and give your Double the Good recipient a fun pair of socks of their own. Or, give School Lunches for hungry children alongside a new lunch box for your Double the Good recipient. Or maybe even buy (or make!) a new blanket for your child to go with a Good Night’s Sleep Pak donation for another child. The opportunities are endless!

5. Our Favorite Tradition

Every family has their own holiday traditions. Why not add Double the Good giving to yours? Bring the whole family together to choose items from the catalog. You could decide over a plate of Christmas cookies, make a game of choosing what to give this year, or simply use the time to help reflect and focus on giving back, together.

Let us know how YOU choose to Double the Good this year! Happy Shopping!

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