A Joyful Meeting

These videos are too cute to keep to ourselves. The connections formed between sponsors and their sponsored children are always special. And when they have the opportunity to meet in person, it’s even better! It’s rare, but thanks to the Ugandan Kids Choir, it’s sometimes possible!

All the choir children are sponsored. As they perform around the U.S. they get to share how sponsorship has changed their lives and encourage more people to become sponsors. And when schedules and travel routes line up, the choir kids are sometimes able to meet their sponsors in person!

That’s just what happened for Justine when her sponsors flew from Wisconsin to Alabama to see her perform and meet her in person!


Isn’t that the sweetest? The joy so visible in this video is why these meetings are always so special.

“Auntie Peggy” and “Uncle Greg” started sponsoring Justine when a previous Choir tour came to their church a little over a year ago. Imagine their delight when we told them Justine was going to be on the next tour!

Even though Justine’s tour wasn’t coming anywhere close to Wisconsin, Greg and Peggy knew they had to come visit. They arranged to fly down to meet the choir in Alabama, and spent a few wonderful days getting to know Justine better!

They had so much fun together! Greg and Peggy watched the Choir perform at the local science center. Afterwards, they spent the rest of the day exploring the science center with all the kids. They even took the whole choir out for dinner! And they had some time with just Justine too. They shared many smiles, laughs and hugs.

This next video gives you a small window into what this special time was like: watch as Auntie Peggy surprises Justine with a present to take home with her.


How fun! We’re so glad Peggy and Greg were able to visit Justine. Even more than that, we’re excited by all the opportunities Justine has, thanks to their sponsorship – both here in the states and when she goes home to Uganda in a few short months! Sponsorship really is a beautiful thing.

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