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We love sharing stories about our kids. The easiest ones to tell are the dramatic ones – a child being baptized, a life-saving intervention… but sometimes it is the quiet, “behind the scenes” efforts that have the biggest impact.

Brian is a 12-year-old boy who attends one of our Life Centers in Uganda. His story isn’t very dramatic, but to us it is still pretty exciting!

BrianBlog-02Brian comes from what you might call a “typical” Ugandan family. He lives with both his parents, as well as his two siblings. His dad works in construction, and his mom works odd jobs in the neighborhood. Despite their hard work, they still struggle financially, but they’re not as desperate as some. Brian dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer when he grows up, and loves playing soccer in his spare time. He even goes to Sunday School every week.

Sunday school is where Brian first heard about Jesus, but it is at his Life Center that his faith really started to grow. And the story of how that happened is beautiful!

You see, the Life Center has been a big part of Brian’s life over a number of years. It’s provided him with structure, with new friends, and with many opportunities to grow. Best of all, it’s provided him with Christian mentors!

Brian’s Life Center teachers have consistently spoken truth into his life, and been there for him through all the ups and downs over the past years. With their help, he sees a brighter future for himself. Because they believe in him, he has doubled down on his efforts in school and now believes that he will someday achieve his dream of becoming an engineer.

And because they have consistently modeled for him how to live respectfully, honestly, and walk with Christ, Brian is learning to do the same! Brian is quick to explain how grateful he is for how his Life Center teachers are always following up with him. He says they help him follow Jesus, and because of their example he now has more courage in telling his friends about Jesus.

This type of slow, quiet transformation is so special because we know it creates lasting change. Brian’s Life Center teachers are changing the whole trajectory of his life, and we can’t wait to see how his faith continues to grow.

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in supporting Life Centers like the one Brian attends, click here.


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