A Powerful Testimony


Anybody who has ever worked in youth ministry knows how important good adult leaders are. That’s why we spend so much time investing in our Life Center teachers – and why we’re so grateful for wonderful teachers like Ritah in Uganda.

Ritah grew up in a poor community, just like many of the children she now teaches. As a girl, she didn’t know Jesus. She dreamed of someday living a better life, but with only herself to rely on, she had little hope. Then, when she got terribly sick, Ritah thought her life was over.

But that was before she met Jesus! Just listen to Ritah’s powerful testimony:

“I became a Christian in 1997 when I was in senior four [high school] after getting a very serious sickness. I was so sick and I was about to die. My mother took me to all the witch doctors that she knew but there was no change. It took me two years in a terrible condition, my mother wasted all the money she had to witch doctors but I only got worse. But God is so good! It was September 1997. I heard the Gospel, I accepted Christ and I was healed. After getting healed, my mother also got saved. I and my mother are now serving God.”

Today, Ritah is living a better life than she ever dreamed. She is married, and has two beautiful children. She teaches Primary Four at the local school, and she also teaches at the Life Center at her church.

We can’t think of anyone better than Ritah to walk alongside our kids in their own journey towards spiritual transformation. Her personal story gives her great opportunities to connect with the kids and to encourage them when they face trials in their own lives. And the impact is undeniable!


Here’s what Ritah says about guiding and mentoring the children in their faith:

“[The children] look at us as problem solvers. I sit and give them time one on one, they open up and share with me the challenges they go through and I counsel them accordingly. I am more of a parent than a teacher. I preach to them the Gospel. Many came when they were not born-again but now they are converted and I thank God for that.”

Seeing the children grow and change is one of her favorite things about being a Life Center teacher. Knowing that her lessons are helping the kids understand and grow closer to God brings Ritah so much hope for the future of her community. This is her prayer for them: “I hope to see a changed generation… a generation which will preach the Gospel, a generation which will walk upright with God.”

That is our prayer too! And we are so grateful to be working towards that dream alongside teachers like Ritah!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in helping teachers like Ritah as they share the Gospel with kids in need, click here.

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