Always Looking Up

Let me tell you about Up! No, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about a girl in Thailand with an incredible testimony.

Her mom nicknamed her Up because she is always positive. No matter how tough things get for her family, Up is always looking on the bright side.

Up has an unusual name. But it's her testimony that is truly amazing.

Up lives with her mom, her grandmother and her siblings in a small house in Thailand. Her mom works as hard as she can to provide for them all, but finances have always been tight. She runs a small “mini mart” from their home. She purchases staple groceries in bulk and then sells them at a mark-up to the neighbors. Since their home is far from a grocery store, she’s able to run a thriving little business. But the few dollars she makes each day hardly cover the family’s expenses.

Thankfully, Up was sponsored when she was a little girl. And with the support of her sponsors, Up was able to attend a local Christian school. There, she received an excellent education…and many other blessings!

Up hard at work studying for her Accounting program.

Up is 18 now, and finishing an accounting program. Up’s educational success is a dream come true for both her and her mom. You see, her mom always dreamed of being an accountant, but she never had the opportunity to learn. Up is so happy to have the chances her mom never had!

But a great education and a bright future are just the beginning of what Up received in class.

At her school, Up was introduced to Jesus!

Up’s family are all Buddhist. Until attending the Christian school, Up had never heard about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for her. But all through her years at the Christian school, her teachers patiently, genuinely modeled Christ’s love for her. She could only ignore their powerful example and Gospel messages for so long.

Last year, Up gave her life to Christ!

“I felt for a long time God tugging at my heart,” she says, “and [last year], I finally decided to give my life to Him! When I have a problem, I take it to the Lord in prayer. When I talk with God, I feel happy.”

What a sweet testimony! With the hope of Christ in her heart, I’m sure Up will be able to keep looking on the bright side, no matter what the future brings.

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