An Extra Special Christmas

Indhushree is a sweet seven-year-old who lives in India. She’s proud of the fact that her country is home to both the Taj Mahal and tigers. She also loves to read to her grandma in their native Tamil language. What a sweetheart!

But Indhushree’s life is far from easy. She lives in a poor, crowded neighborhood. She’s scared of the constant traffic outside her house. Even the short walk to her grandma’s house can be dangerous. Her dad drives a taxi on those dangerous, busy roads to make ends meet for his family. But even with long hours, the money he earns is barely enough.

For Christmas every year, her family scrapes together what they can to celebrate. Relatives come visit, and Indhushree helps her mom prepare a nice dinner of chicken Biriyani! But that’s as far as their Christmas fund stretches.

Which is why Indhushree was so excited to attend the Love Pak party at her local Life Center. The party was a FULL day of Christmas fun. There were fancy decorations, yummy treats, fun games and so much more.

Indhushree got to be the angel in the Nativity play. She loved dressing up in a sparkly dress and “halo.” She felt so important as she delivered her lines. In the play, she “appeared” to the shepherds, telling them that the Savior had been born – a Savior for all human beings.

In Indhushree’s community, Christianity isn’t common. It’s often even persecuted. So this opportunity for her to hear the Gospel, and even to take part in acting out the story of the Savior’s birth is amazing!

Of course, the fun wasn’t over with the Nativity play. There were still the Love Paks themselves – Christmas presents! Indhushree got a raincoat of her own, with room to grow, a badminton set, and more! Examining these gifts, she couldn’t stop smiling. She could hardly believe they were all for her! Each gift made her feel so special.

Year-round we work hard to make sure that kids like Indhushree hear the Gospel and know how much they are loved. But there’s something about Christmas and Love Pak parties that make these moments extra special.

I think Indhushree would agree! Every part of the party, from the gifts, to the games, to the Nativity play made her feel so loved. And all through the day she was reminded that the greatest love, comes from Jesus. For the first time, she started to understand the beautiful truth that God was born as a baby because he loves her and wants to save her. It doesn’t get any more special than that!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in sharing the love of Jesus this year through Christmas Love Paks, click here.

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