Boda Boda Emergency

Sitting on the back of a “boda boda” (a motorcycle taxi), Joanitah thought this was a day like any other.

Joanitah is a high school student who lives in Uganda. After a mid-year break at home with her aunt, she was looking forward to getting back to her boarding school and seeing all her friends. She was also looking forward to starting classes again, and everything she’d learn in the coming months.

She’d traveled this road many times before, often on the back of a motorcycle. Boda boda’s are a common way to get around in Uganda, and something she’d never thought twice about.

The collision was abrupt. They had no warning.

Joanitah was thrown from the back of the bike. When she tried to sit up, she knew immediately something was very wrong with her leg. Thankfully, they were close to a hospital, and Joanitah got treatment right away.

She’d landed on her leg, which snapped underneath her. The pain was excruciating.

And the fear was overwhelming.

You see, Joanitah doesn’t have much of a support system. Her parents abandoned her. Her grandpa raised her, but he passed away a few

years ago. So now her aunt looks after her and her two siblings. But her aunt can barely afford to feed them and keep them in school. Joanitah’s one hope is to excel in school so she can build a better life for herself in the future. But with the searing pain in her leg, those dreams seemed impossible.

Lying in that hospital bed, Joanitah’s mind raced with worry.

How would they pay these bills? How many meals would they have to skip to cover the hospital stay? What if she could never walk again? What if she couldn’t go back to school? What if she had to drop out and get a job to pay off the medical debts?

What Joanitah didn’t know is that we were already working on a way to help! Our Starfish Medical Fund was created for cases just like hers! We all know that medical bills can destroy a family who is already struggling to make ends meet. But in an emergency what other options do they have?

Gifts like yours allowed us to help Joanitah and her family! We covered the cost of her hospital stay, as well as all the follow up appointments. What a relief!

Even with your help, it was a long recovery. The doctors put her leg in a cast and she had to walk with a crutch for weeks. She missed a whole term of school during her recovery. But today Joanitah can walk without the crutch! And she’s even catching up in school. She is planning to take her high school exams this year, on schedule with her classmates.

Joanitah is so happy and relieved that she’s healthy again. She knows many people aren’t as lucky after a motorcycle accident, and praises God for protecting her. That’s definitely something we’ll say Amen to!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in helping children like Joanitah recover after a medical emergency, click here.

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