Boss of her own future

Verginia’s biggest dream is to be the boss. But growing up in Haiti, she had few opportunities to succeed.

When she was a young girl, Verginia’s parents scraped together enough money to send her to trade school where she learned to sew. They all hoped that someday she would be able to afford a sewing machine of her own. That was when her dream started.

A woman stands in a doorway with her arms folded across her chest. Verginia strikes her best "boss pose."

She envisioned a big shop to sell her products, with a little workroom in the back. She would have a few employees, who would learn new sewing skills from her. They would offer tailoring services and become famous for their skill. And they would make new garments too – uniforms for school kids, dresses, shirts and more. And Verginia would be the boss of it all.

But life – as it does – got in the way. Verginia got married, had her first child when she was 21, and three more children followed soon after. Her husband has diabetes that can only be managed with expensive medicine. Their expenses added up quickly, and somehow there was never enough money for Verginia’s sewing machine.

As any loving mother would, Verginia set her dreams aside to make sure her kids were taken care of. She spent her days working in their small garden and selling the vegetables in the neighborhood. She delighted in teaching her kids new things and watching them grow.

But life was tough. They always had to pinch and scrape to make ends meet. The diabetes medicine used up most of their income, and they were always worried they wouldn’t have enough left to send the children to school. Their youngest daughter is 4 now, and when she starts school all four children will be in class at once! At times, Verginia started to lose hope that they would ever find a path out of poverty.

A mom and her four children sit outside their house, posing for the camera. Verginia and her four children outside their home in Haiti.

But her aspirations were always there at the back of her mind.

Then one day, Childcare Worldwide gave her the best gift!

That’s right, a sewing machine of her own!

Verginia couldn’t believe she finally had the tools to start building her business! Right away, she ran to tell her best friend about it. “I was so thrilled,” she said, “I asked God to bless the person who gave me this machine!”

A woman sits in front of a sewing machine with a tape measure hanging around her neck, holding up a piece of plaid fabric. Verginia hard at work with her new sewing machine!

Today, Verginia is slowly building up her small business. Right now she is focusing on tailoring, and mending clothes. The money she earns covers her children’s school fees, and often helps pay for food as well. It’s such a relief for their family to know they’ll be able to keep the kids in school! As her business grows, Verginia is confident she’ll soon be able to cover her husband’s medicine as well.

The best part is that Verginia is sharing her knowledge! She is teaching her own children to sew, and also plans to teach the kids at the local Life Center. They’re working on organizing a mini “career day” where Verginia can share her skills with a larger group of local kids.

Verginia doesn’t have any employees (yet!) But with this sewing machine, she is the boss of her own future! And as her business grows, her dreams have never been closer.

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in helping families like Verginia’s find a path out of poverty, click here.

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