The choir kids tell us what they are thankful for

With Thanksgiving Day almost upon us, we thought it would fun to ask a few of our Ugandan choir kids what they are thankful for.


The children have a wonderful capacity to appreciate, in a fresh way, the basic blessings of life as well as thankfulness for new experiences. We think their answers will surprise you and also touch your heart.

20161013_142732                         Alex

“I can honestly say I am thankful for all the Aunties and Uncles God has placed in my life that have blessed me. I am so thankful I was sponsored and I am still going to school and now I am finishing up this fun tour of America. I’ve gotten an opportunity to see the ocean for the first time and even got to play on the beach. I would have never dreamed that I would be able to see America, let alone do all the fun things I have done. I thank God every day.”

Mary                                    Mary

“I am most thankful this year for the opportunity to come to America for the first time. I still remember when Uncle Sam told us that we were GOING TO PREFORM AT DISNEYLAND!!!  I had so much fun at Disneyland and was so thankful for that opportunity.”

(Left to right) Joseph, John and Stuart                       (Left to right) Joseph, John and Stuart

Joseph - "I am thankful that we have what to eat because not all people have what to eat."
John - "I am thankful because we didn't have any accidents on our bus and we are still safe."
Stuart -"I am thankful for our lives and I am thankful for our tour because we don't have any accidents. I am thankful for my aunties and I'm thankful for the food we eat because not all people have that food."


Gratitude can certainly change your life. A big thanks to the choir for showing us how we can all notice and appreciate the blessings the Lord gives us each day.

If you haven’t already attended a performance (or want to see them again), check out the current tour schedule to see where the choir will be performing next!

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