Edith’s Answered Prayer

Here at Childcare Worldwide, our whole purpose is to transform children’s lives through the Gospel. So when we hear stories like Edith’s, we get pretty excited. I think you’ll be excited too!

Edith is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Kenya. Her parents work hard to provide for her, but she is the youngest of six siblings. Their meager income has to stretch a long way to provide for all of them. They live together in small, three-room house with an outdoor kitchen. It’s cramped and uncomfortable, but Edith finds joy in being together with her big family.

She does not find much joy in poverty, however. How could she? She knows how stressed her parents are about finding enough money for food and rent. Watching them struggle, Edith started to take on some of that stress and worry herself.

Thankfully, Edith was sponsored through Childcare Worldwide! That means that she was able to go to school, despite her family’s financial struggles. Even better, sponsorship allowed Edith to attend the Life Center at her local church!

At the Life Center, Edith heard the Gospel. More importantly, she saw the Gospel in action! The Life Center teachers and Christian students consistently demonstrated love and hope to Edith. Over time, Edith started wanting that hope for herself.

After a deep heart-to-heart with Agnes, her Life Center teacher, Edith gave her life to Jesus!

Isn’t that wonderful? We’re so excited to hear about Edith’s new life in Christ. And we’re praising God for the transformation we’re seeing in her.

You see, after that first prayer of repentance, Edith’s faith has grown so much. Let me share just one example.

With all their financial struggles, Edith’s family started falling behind on rent. Her parents were worried they might be kicked out soon. The old Edith would have been consumed with fear by this situation. She would have been so worried about where they would go if they lost their house – where would they live? Where would she sleep?

But the new Edith? The new Edith took all that worry to God. She started praying for a solution for her family.

And God answered her prayer! Shortly after she started praying, a neighbor contracted Edith’s father to do some work for him. He even agreed to pay him in advance. That payment was enough to cover the debt on their rent!

We’re so happy for Edith and the woman of God she is growing up to be – we can’t wait to see where this little prayer warrior goes next!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in sharing the Gospel with a child, learn more here.

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