Faith Like a Child

Salvador’s faith is one of the strongest you’ll ever see. But it’s even more amazing when you realize he is just six years old.

Salvador lives with his mother and sister in Mexico. His father, as Salvador puts it, “he is a bad man.” He does stop by to see them every once in a while, but he doesn’t do anything to help the family. Making ends meet, and taking care of the kids falls solely on his mother’s shoulders.

A little boy sits on his mom's lap. Salvador and his mother Maria.

His mother Maria spends her days cleaning sidewalks for a little tip money. She also grows a little basil and some canna lilies to sell in town. The money she scrapes together is barely enough to keep the family alive. On a good day, she can scrape together enough for two meals.

A boy runs along a rocky path on the side of a hill, as woman and little girl follow behind holding hands. Salvador and his family head up the hill to their house.

It’s a scary situation, especially for the kids who never know if they’ll have food that night or not. We asked Salvador to tell us something that made him happy. His response is heartbreaking. “Whenever my mom comes with food for us to eat, that makes me happy.” I can’t imagine any child I know being that happy about just a meal. Toys and games? Sure. Dinner? Not so much. They’re more likely to complain about having to eat their vegetables! But for Salvador any food at all is reason to celebrate.

So when Childcare Worldwide started offering a free lunch at Salvador’s school, both Salvador and his mom were overjoyed! It’s such a relief to know he’ll have a healthy, hearty lunch every day!

A plate with two tortillas heaped with cheese, Mmmm, lunch!

His school lunch gives Salvador nutrients he’s not getting anywhere else. For one thing, the extra calories give him energy and focus to be successful in school. Right now, he’s at the top of his class! It’s more than that though, at just 6 years old, it’s critical that Salvador has a varied diet to help his body grow the way it’s supposed to. The vitamins and proteins in his healthy school lunch are helping his brain develop and ensuring that his bones continue to strengthen and grow. Plus, all those nutrients keep his immune system strong so that he can avoid all the colds, flus, and other diseases that kids around him suffer.

Each lunch he receives has untold health benefits. But the thing about Salvador is that for him it’s not just lunch. It’s a matter of faith.

You see, Salvador knows his new school lunch is an answer to prayer. “When I ask God to provide us with food,” he says, “He listens to me.”

Talk about the faith of a child! We can all learn a thing or two from Salvador.

A mom smiles down at her two kids. The little girl is tied on her hip in a sling, and the boy is standing next to her smiling. Salvador and his family.

It’s incredible to see how Salvador’s faith is carrying him through his tough childhood, and even more incredible to be a part of his answer to prayer.

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you believe that Every Meal Matters for hungry kids like Salvador, click here to see how you can help.

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