Feeding Body and Soul

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Vulnerable kids face a variety of needs. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to determine the best way to help them. But providing food for kids during this pandemic has reaffirmed our commitment to feeding hungry kids.

Food is, of course, one of our most basic needs for survival. But here at Childcare Worldwide, we see it as much more than calories and nutrition. We believe that each meal has a spiritual impact as well!

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When kids come to our Life Centers, our main goal is to introduce them to the hope of the Gospel. But often, they face many barriers in their life that prevent them from welcoming the radical transformation found in Jesus. And one of the biggest barriers is hunger.


These kids have so much potential. They are smart, driven, and creative. But when they are hungry every day, that need overshadows everything else. How can a child focus on school or Gospel lessons when their stomach is aching from hunger, or when they’re falling asleep in their chair because they didn’t have breakfast? They can’t!

Sadly, many of our children are used to surviving without enough food at home. And the pandemic has only highlighted their families’ precarious circumstances. For families living hand-to-mouth, an economic emergency like this can completely destroy their prospects. Helping where we can becomes more important than ever.

Not only does each meal help children survive and grow strong and healthy, each meal reminds them they are loved, and that they are not alone in this.

Vickie, one of our sponsored children in Uganda was so overwhelmed when she received a food package recently that she was laughing, crying and shouting all at once.

“I thank CCW for the great miracle of food. I am so happy for the food package! Now I can eat rice and beans. Now I won’t got to sleep hungry. Now I know that God will never let us down.”

With even just basic assistance, children like Vickie are freed to pursue their God-given potential. If we can help them through this pandemic and the other trials they face, I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish in the future!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help children in need. If you’re interested in providing food and support for families like those mentioned above, click here.

Caitlin Sakuma
Written by Caitlin Sakuma

As Donor Relations Manager at Childcare Worldwide, Caitlin’s goal is to inspire supporters like you. Every day, she finds hope in the way we are changing kids’ lives, and seeks to share that hope with you. When she’s not working, you can find Caitlin hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Bellingham or vying for position as “favorite aunt” to her ten nieces and nephews.

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