Field Notes from Uganda

Bill returned from his first visit to Africa last week, and is heading to India shortly. But before the next trip we wanted to share some highlights from his time in Uganda!

I’m in Uganda! Uganda is really growing on me! It’s so much different than Kenya. It’s really green everywhere, with leafy trees and dense jungle. The country really is beautiful, and its people are very welcoming.

I packed a lot into my time in Uganda. First, we visited St. Luke’s Life Center in Entebbe. There, we met children who were learning a lesson about forgiveness. Their teacher Gloria was awesome, and I could tell the kids loved her. They recited verses, sang songs, and performed a skit of the story of the Prodigal Son. It was wonderful. I loved these kids. You could tell they really had a heart for the Lord. They were so appreciative, and happy. They loved this Life Center and the people who teach them there.

After we left the Life Center, we delivered a Critical Care Pak to a humble family. The mother, who is just 25 years old, has 5 children whom she raises by herself. She works in a rock quarry, but her income is not enough to pay for food for her children. Most of her pay goes toward the rent for a very small room with a dirt floor. CCW is providing her food so she can feed her kids and save any extra money for other needs.

When we travelled back to the CCW office I got to meet two young men who were former members of the Ugandan Kids Choir. They are now all grown up. Jackson Pereketya was in one of our early choirs and has done really well in his studies.  He is currently studying Medicine under a government scholarship. Semmuju Fulugensio is in trade school studying Hotel Management.  In the mean time he bakes and decorates cakes. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with these two guys.

They love CCW, and are so appreciative of the help they have received from their sponsors through the years.

Next we travelled to the Ssese Islands – Bugala Island to be exact. We traveled to the Lake Victoria Education Centre, better known as Sandi’s Village, a compound of classroom buildings and dormitories built by CCW. After a tour of the site, we were entertained by the children with songs and Bible verses from memory. Then we met the teachers and talked to them about their day-to-day routines. It was great learning about how they became teachers and how much they enjoyed their calling. I could tell they really loved their jobs and the kids.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Africa. The people are amazing, and our work is so inspiring. It is a privilege to lead this great ministry. I give all the thanks to the Lord for his provision, and for the work of Dr. Max and Marlies Lange. It was their efforts started over 38 years ago that has brought so much hope and opportunity to the people of Kenya and Uganda. It is humbling to assume the role of president from Dr. Max, and to be responsible for taking CCW into the future. I expect to be back to Africa many, many times in the years to come.

Written by Bill Nienhuis

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