First Impressions

The 10 members of the newest Ugandan Kids Choir pose for the camera. The newest Choir is ready for an amazing year on the road!

Ivan and Evalyne, brand new Ugandan Kids Choir chaperones, are trying to get through the airport with ten excited, nervous, little bundles of energy. They’ve left Uganda and landed in Dubai on their long journey to the United States. The airport here is the biggest building any of them have ever seen. As they settle in to wait for their next flight, Ivan asks them what their favorite part of the trip has been so far.

Little Ronald’s answer? “The ladder that moves!”

It takes Ivan and Evalyne a minute to understand what he means. And then they realize – Ronald has never seen an escalator before!

This is just the first of many firsts that will fill the new Ugandan Kids Choir tour with excitement and wonder throughout their first few weeks here in the U.S.

The 10 Ugandan Choir kids play in the snow for the first time First time seeing snow! Ronald (front row, second from left) shows off a handful of the cold white powder that he wants to take home to Uganda!

After landing in Seattle, the kids pile into their bus, and head to a training center up in the mountains. Here, more wonders await, as the ground is covered in SNOW. Looking at the ground blanketed in white, little Desire is completely amazed. “I haven’t seen it happen yet,” she tells us in awed tones, “but they tell me it falls from the sky!” Ronald – always the funny one! – has no such awe. Instead, he grabs a handful of snow and stuffs it in his pocket, confidently explaining that he is going to save it to take home and show his friends in Uganda.

Even basic things are cause for excitement! Deborah tells us about her first experience with an American shower. “It’s amazing,” she says. “There are these knobs on the wall and you turn them and out comes the water like rain above your head. And you can make it warm if you like!” She contrasts this to her experience at home, saying “In Uganda, we use a bucket. We fill it with water and after we have rubbed ourselves with soap, we pour the bucket of water over our head.”

2 members of the Ugandan Kids Choir dance during their performance Dancing for joy!

After their first week of performances, the kids took a break for a classic American pastime – a day at the movie theater! None of them had ever been to the movies before and they had no idea what to expect. As the lights went down, they giggled excitedly, and then watched the big screen mesmerized for the next two hours. The movie? Trolls! What a fun experience.

A few weeks in, and the kids are starting to settle into tour life. But there are still many firsts ahead! Stay tuned to hear more about their experiences on the road!

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