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Have you ever found yourself spending hours or even days trying to figure out what to buy a friend or family member for Christmas? You find yourself thinking, “It’s getting closer to Christmas, and I still haven’t found anything for Uncle Harry!” It can be hard to determine what presents people will actually enjoy, but one of our donors has found a creative solution to the problem.

dsc_4696 Barb has been giving gifts through the Gift Catalog for two years – she wouldn’t celebrate Christmas any other way!

Read on to find out how she is making a bigger impact by changing her gift-giving traditions.

Childcare Worldwide donor Barb Farnsworth shared with us how she and her husband Ken decided to minimize the commercial aspect of Christmas and focus more on its true meaning. Here is what she said:

For the last two years, Ken and I have picked out gifts in honor of our two daughters, my mom and my brother and sister-in-law. We got them “normal” gifts, but then also a gift from Childcare Worldwide’s Gift Catalog. The first year, we bought mosquito nets, and last year, we bought shoes. It was great! We filled out honor cards with each of their names so that they knew these gifts were purchased in their name. I really like the idea of giving this way. I mean, what child in the U.S. doesn’t have shoes? Or for that matter, what child in the U.S. has to worry about dying from malaria? So, giving gifts in such a way is very appealing to me. And everything is given in Jesus’ name.

 This year, we’ve looked through the catalog together and talked about what kind of gifts we might want to buy. It’s hard to choose – there are so many great options! I love the idea of buying a mattress, blanket and mosquito net – the Good Night’s Sleep Package – because everybody deserves a good night’s sleep… just seems so basic. I also really like the idea of giving something that would make it possible for someone to earn an income through a sewing machine or a pushcart with items to sell as a street vendor– I love a gift that keeps on giving. Also, I have two daughters, so the Girls’ Hygiene Pak is also interesting to me – the fact that girls need something like this… it’s just not something we think about.

 I like giving in honor of someone because it always feels better to give than to receive. The reason I don’t just send money is because I want my children to experience giving and it’s also a way for me to tell them about CCW and have them get involved with this organization on their own – it’s a teachable moment. My mom has already connected with CCW!

 My husband and I have travelled to developing countries and seen firsthand entire families living in poverty. Although it was heartbreaking, it was also a good reminder that many people live very differently that we do. We here in America live very much in our own little world. So many people live in shacks with dirt floors and are just getting by. It’s hard for us to imagine what that would be like day in and day out.

 It’s a great feeling to be able to give to someone that really is in need. Need, not want. My kids just tell me what they want, not what they need. But these gifts from the catalog are life-changing. What can we give our own kids today that would change their lives?


Choosing a meaningful gift can truly be life-changing. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. This Christmas, why not honor a loved one by buying a gift that will truly make a difference!

Written by Annette

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