Happy Thanksgiving!


During this season of gratitude, I couldn’t be more thankful for the things God has done through this ministry. I’m reminded again and again that God has great things in store for Childcare Worldwide.

I have met so many kids who inspire me. Little Diana in Kenya, moved to tears as I handed her a water filter so her family could have clean water access for the first time in her life. Ivan in Uganda, a young artist with great talent, hard at work building his business and transforming his future, all thanks to the opportunities he had through sponsorship. A young man in Thailand who met Jesus through his sponsorship experience, and then told his friend who also became a Christian. Alex, a man filled with gratitude to the Lord because sponsorship gave him an opportunity to be a chemistry teacher inUganda.

I’m grateful for the opportunities God has provided that allow us to help these young people thrive. I’m grateful for our staff of committed Christians in the field who work directly with our kids, giving them support and encouragement each day. And I’m especially grateful for supporters like you, who make all of this possible!

As I remember the faces of the children I’ve met in my travels, I’m excited for everything the future holds. Seeing the poverty and desperation these kids live with every day, I know we have to do even more to help them thrive. God knows each and every one of their needs, and I know that He can and will help!

Of course, their biggest need is Jesus, and I’m excited to continue to strengthen our Life Center program to improve the discipleship we offer to children in need.

I’ve met with many of our Life Center teachers and am happy to report that we have great people investing in our kids’ faith. These men and women are so generous with their time and energy, showing up each week prepared to teach a meaningful Bible lesson. They are there for the same reasons you and I are. They want to see each child know Jesus personally, and they’re committed to helping them grow in their faith. It makes me so happy to see their work and think about the impact they’re creating for each individual child!

God is doing a great work in this ministry. Thank you for partnering with Childcare Worldwide!

Written by Bill Nienhuis

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