Health, Time and Money, All in One!

Have you ever seen your whole life change, right in front of your eyes? That’s what happened to Namunyak the day we built a water tank!

In Namunyak’s village in Kenya, there is no running water. Instead, Namunyak and her mom fetch water from the river, carrying everything they need for drinking, cooking and cleaning. It’s a long walk down to the muddy bank, and it seems even longer on the way back up, carrying the heavy jerry can.

But that’s not the worst of Namunyak’s worries. Her biggest hardship is that the water she carries back to her house isn’t clean.

Gathered straight from the river, her water is muddy and full of parasites. It comes from the same place local herdsmen water their animals, so you can imagine how filthy it really is! Most of the time, this dirty water gives Namunyak stomachaches. And she’s constantly at risk for serious diseases like cholera and typhoid.

She vividly remembers one time when she had to go to the doctor after being sickened by the water. She needed an injection, and remembers the sharp, stinging pain of the needle. Worse, she knew how expensive her medicine was, and how badly her family needed that money for food and school fees instead.

This was the only life Namunyak knew. Long walks to the river to fetch water that would get her sick, and use up what little money her family had on medicine to survive. It was a vicious cycle, but she didn’t know there was an alternative.

Until one day, she noticed some interesting activity at the church down the road from her house.

Workers were everywhere, building…what?

A water tank!

Namunyak watched as the workers installed the giant tank. Soon it was finished and one of Kenya’s famous torrential downpours swept through. A system of pipes captured the heavy rain off the roof of the church and funneled it into the tank. In no time, the huge 2,500 gallon tank was full.

That day (and every day after), Namunyak didn’t have to walk all the way to the river. Instead, she just strolled over to the church and turned on the tap. Watching clean, pure rainwater flood into her jerry can, she was practically dancing with joy. A source of clean water right by her home will transform her life.

Namunyak can’t believe how much her life has changed thanks to this clean water source right by her house! Today, Namunyak no longer suffers from stomachaches, and her family is spending less on medicine and more on investing in their future. All because somebody cared enough to replace her dirty, disease-infested water with pure life-giving water!

Praise God for water tanks!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in providing clean water for children in need like Namunyak, click here.

Caitlin Sakuma
Written by Caitlin Sakuma

As Donor Relations Manager at Childcare Worldwide, Caitlin’s goal is to inspire supporters like you. Every day, she finds hope in the way we are changing kids’ lives, and seeks to share that hope with you. When she’s not working, you can find Caitlin hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Bellingham or vying for position as “favorite aunt” to her ten nieces and nephews.

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