Joyful Joy

This summer, you, our wonderful supporters have stepped up to provide clean water for children and families in need. The summer’s not over, but already you’re making a tangible difference!

We just sent funding for one hundred household water filters to Kenya, all thanks to you! In the coming weeks our Kenya staff will be distributing those filters to give families clean water access for the first time.

Your gifts are also building new water catchment systems in Kenya, and Uganda. There are now 22 systems either in progress or recently completed!

These new catchment systems are blessing children like seven-year-old Joy, in Umoja, Kenya.

Joy has a lot to be joyful about in her life. She’s close to her mom, and loves to go visit her cousins. Her dad works hard to provide for Joy and her two siblings. He is often able to find good work as a carpenter. Joy goes to school, and her favorite part of the day is when they have music lessons – she adores singing!

But despite all that, Joy faced real hardship too.

In her village, there is no running water. Her only water source was a muddy stream! Joy knows first-hand how bad the muddy water is for her. Drinking it has given her all sorts of stomachaches and diseases. Remembering one particularly nasty stomachache, she simply says, “it was very painful.”

But thanks to generous gifts from the Childcare Worldwide family, all that is now in the past! Today, Joy gets fresh, clean water from a water catchment system at Ebenezer Baptist Church, near her house. For her, the water catchment system means no more trips to the muddy stream, and no more stomachaches…and that is something to be joyful about!

The best part of all of this is that we’re just getting started. There are many more clean water projects to come, this summer. And that means many more lives will be changed through access to safe drinking water.

Thank you to everyone who is making clean, safe drinking water possible for families in Kenya and Uganda!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in providing clean water for children in need like Joy, click here.

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