Joy to the World!

Two girls giggle excitedly in a small church in rural Uganda. They are carefully trying on costumes, and helping each other with head-dresses and paper wings.

Two girls dress up for a Christmas play Costumes for the Christmas play need to be just right.

Meanwhile a little boy sits on the floor crafting props out of paper, while other children memorize lines. A few adults are also hard at work – One is setting out treats, and another is “decking the halls” with Christmas trees and ornaments. Another is laying out piles of presents wrapped in festive, sparkly paper.

All of this work is in preparation for the Love Pak Christmas party, and excitement levels could not be higher! All of this is because of you. We are amazed by your generosity! With all your gifts this year, we threw parties just like this one for 6,500 children around the world. 6,500! That's a new Love Pak record! Thank you for bringing so much joy this Christmas!  

A Love Pak party consists of three things – the Christmas story, acted out by the children; amazing treats; and, of course, the Love Paks themselves. For children with very little to be joyful about, the party is a day for them to just have fun and be a kid!

Take a look at what goes into each party….

A woman decorates for a Christmas party Everything has to be perfect for the kids. And that starts with decorating!


Children practice a Christmas play After finding some stellar costumes, “Mary” and “Joseph” are now running through their lines. Practice makes perfect.


A girl is thrilled to be dressed up as an angel for the Christmas play. With a paper crown and paper wings, Fhoebe is one of the most enthusiastic angels we've ever seen.


A woman serves cake and Christmas treats to the children. It's a party! After lots of practice, the play is ready. The church is decorated. Now it’s party time. And that starts off with cake for everybody!


A girl shows off her new Christmas presents. Now it’s time for presents! Here, Gloria shows off her new backpack and her jumbo bar of soap.

Children around the world show off the gifts they received in their Christmas Love Paks

The joy this Love Pak party brings to children in Uganda is a story repeated over and over across the globe. Thank you for putting smiles on their faces!

Did you miss the chance to give a Love Pak for a child this year? Not to worry! Your gift today will make sure we have enough funds to bless even more children next Christmas.

Give a Love Pak

Caitlin Sakuma
Written by Caitlin Sakuma

As Donor Relations Manager at Childcare Worldwide, Caitlin’s goal is to inspire supporters like you. Every day, she finds hope in the way we are changing kids’ lives, and seeks to share that hope with you. When she’s not working, you can find Caitlin hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Bellingham or vying for position as “favorite aunt” to her ten nieces and nephews.

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