The Key to the Future: Lunch

A close up shot of girl grinning confidently at the camera. She's wearing a school uniform and backpack, and her hair is done in multiple braids fastened with red and white barrettes. We can't wait to see what Solanie accomplishes!

Remember the name Solanie Monaise.

In another 15 years or so you might see it in news headlines. Today, Solanie is a young girl, but someday soon she could very well be one of the people leading Haiti.

Solanie lives with her parents in Bas Vaudreuil, Haiti. She is bright and caring, and, as she says, she likes being in front of people. She is bursting with potential!

Her family makes the most of what they have, but some days surviving seems impossible. Her dad works his small field every day, trying to make something grow in the dry soil. When they have vegetables, her mom spends the day selling them in the market. And every once in a while there’s some left for a small meal at the end of the day.

Every morning, Solanie’s mom makes a pot of black coffee. She pours Solanie a cup and carefully adds a small spoonful of sugar. This one cup of coffee is all Solanie has to sustain her through the morning.

In normal circumstances, with that little food, Solanie would be failing her classes. She would constantly be sick, she’d be underweight and not growing properly. Thankfully, that’s not her story at all.

A girl stands at a chalkboard, her hand up poised to write as she looks back smiling at a group of students sitting at wooden desks facing the blackboard. Solanie working hard in class and loving every minute.

Instead, Solanie is full of energy. She loves reading and French class. And she adores sharing her knowledge with others. At school, she likes to help the younger kids with their lessons. And after school she teaches everything she learned to her friends who aren’t lucky enough to go to school. She’s an incredible young leader.

If she only has coffee for breakfast, how is any of this possible? The answer is your gifts to Childcare Worldwide’s Every Meal Matters initiative. You see, through your support, Solanie gets a hot, healthy lunch at school. It’s usually a big bowl of rice and beans, packed with protein and nutrients.

Two girls lean over a book, the older one pointing at the page while the younger one watches. In her spare time, Solanie helps younger students with their homework.

That food keeps Solanie healthy and growing. Each lunch she receives ensures she stays sharp and focused in school. Each meal is another chance for her to beat the odds of poverty. And every spoonful of rice and beans is a step towards a future where she is the one leading change in Haiti.

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you believe that Every Meal Matters for hungry kids like Solanie, click here to see how you can help.

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