Love Pak Party Wrap-up!

Through the generosity of our donors, we received over $119,000 for Christmas Love Paks in 2015! Thousands of children received packages filled with both useful and fun gifts – things like sweets, fruit, small toys, clothes, blankets, backpacks, hygiene items, and additional school supplies. Thank you for making this possible!

Last month, our founder and president, Dr. Max Lange, traveled to India to take part in the distribution of the Love Paks and Christmas party festivities.

We asked Dr. Lange to tell us a little bit about his experience and give us some final thoughts on how much the Love Paks mean to these children.

“When I arrived at one particular party, I was happy to see all the children sitting patiently in their chairs. Everything was well organized and after they led me to my seat, they started off the party with a nativity play. Like most nativity plays put on by children, it was charming, but also poignant in its sincerity and meaning. When I see these plays in the different countries around the world, it is a reminder once again that Jesus came to earth for ALL of us, wherever we live.”

Marry arrives “great” with child! Mary arrives “great” with child!

The Wise Men gather around baby Jesus, laying their gifts before Him. The Wise Men gather around baby Jesus, laying their gifts before Him.

“The children expressed their enthusiasm for Christmas in many different ways. After the play, I was treated to a bit of singing and dancing in the traditional Indian style.”



“Finally, the greatest excitement for the children came with the distribution of the gifts. The leaders explained that the gifts were symbolic of Christ’s ultimate gift of salvation to all of those who accept Him.”



“Friends, the Love Paks mean so much to the children. Because of the generosity of friends like you, many children were able to open a Christmas present this year. Thank you for bringing joy to many needy children and making them feel special and loved.”

From all of us at Childcare Worldwide, thank you for blessing children with Love Paks this past year. We pray that the coming year will bring you all the joy that only His love can bring. Happy New Year!

Written by Annette

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