Lunch break for Hungry Kids!

Meet Mykenva Jean. Mykenva lives in Haiti and is in 2nd Grade. She is nine years old and loves science - she wants to be a nurse when she grows up!

Two students in red plaid uniforms - one with giant red bows in her hair - grin shyly at the camera as they wait in line. Children waiting for lunch at a school in Haiti

But right now it’s a struggle for her to just survive. Her parents work hard to provide for her and her brother and keep them in school, but full-time jobs are scarce. Whenever he can, her father burns wood to sell as charcoal, which brings in a little money. In the meantime, he grows a few vegetables that Mykenva’s mother sells in the market.

The money they make is barely enough to feed the family. Many days they have to skip meals entirely, and when they do eat, it’s never quite enough.

All of this is why Mykenva gets so excited about lunch at school. “I like the food they give every day to us at school,” she says. “It helps me spend a good day in class!”

Yum! Healthy lunches for school kids in Kenya.

Without a healthy lunch every day, Mykenva would be too hungry to focus in school. But because of our school lunch program, she’s doing great in all her classes! And, because she’s ensured at least one good meal at school, her parents don’t have to make the tough choice between educating their children and putting them to work so that they can eat. Because of her school lunch, Mykenva’s dreams of becoming a nurse might just be within reach.

A little girl in Haiti enjoying her lunch!

Our school lunch program currently serves 386 children in Haiti and 150 children in Kenya! THANK YOU to the generous people who make it possible - we couldn't feed these hungry children without your help!

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