Meet Carley & Dana


We are blessed with an amazing team, both here in Bellingham and around the globe, who are all dedicated to sharing the Gospel with children in need. We wish you could meet them all in person, but this is the next best thing. Today, we’re highlighting Carley and Dana! Watch the video above to hear about Carley and Dana's experience on our team, and keep reading below to learn more about them and their roles here.


Carley Ruffner

Carley is our Donor Services Manager. She takes care of processing your generous gifts. It’s a big job! Whether you send your gifts via the web, mail, or even over the phone, Carley makes sure every dollar winds up going to the programs you’ve designated. She also makes sure that your data remains secure, and that you receive your receipts promptly.  

Carley joined Childcare Worldwide about a year ago, and we love having her on the team! Since taking on this role, she has helped streamline many of our processes, allowing us to serve you better. For Carley, one of the best things about her job is knowing that her efforts are making a difference for kids in need. When she first started, she remembers hearing stories and seeing the photos of kids who didn’t even have access to clean water. It’s heartbreaking to contemplate, but knowing she is helping kids thrive keeps Carley motivated every day.

Outside of work, Carley loves spending time skiing and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband Ben.   


Dana Kern

Dana has worked for Childcare Worldwide for two years now. She started out in the Donor Services department, and recently moved to the sponsorship team. She is now our Sponsorship Records Manager, and helps make sure your accounts are up-to-date, and functioning correctly. Whatever task she’s working on, Dana’s patience and hard work is deeply appreciated. 

In both roles she’s held, Dana has really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you all. She finds it so encouraging to hear directly from donors and sponsors – your heart to change kids’ lives is always inspiring. Dana also loves the culture we have here in our office. Even working remotely, we still manage to share a lot of laughter, and Dana appreciates how clearly everyone cares about the kids and our work. 

When she’s not at work, Dana enjoys reading and watching the hummingbirds in her garden, as well as spending time with her immediate family here in Bellingham and her extended family in Port Townsend.

Want to learn more about our staff? Read our blog post about the Sponsorship team by clicking here.

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