Meet the Courageous Choir!

Our newest Ugandan Kids Choir is finally here! To introduce them to you, here’s our Tour Leader, Amanda Halle, sharing about their experiences so far:


If you look up the word “courageous” in the dictionary, you might find a photo of these ten, smiling faces looking back at you. This is our Ugandan Kids Choir and they are the ten bravest people I know!

The kids and Ugandan staff members arrived very tired, but safely, late March 2nd. Despite the late hour and below freezing temperatures, their smiles were as bright and warm as the sun! We kicked off our tour by relaxing and re-adjusting at Canyonview Ministries Camp in Silverton, Oregon. Equipped with warm hats, jackets, and gloves, the kids have enjoyed the new weather and even got to play in the snow for the very first time! Despite the chilly temperature, they weren’t afraid to throw some snowballs around at each other, and at me!

Canyonview Ministries Camp is home to over 50 horses and while we weren’t sure if the kids would be comfortable seeing these large animals up close, they quickly proved us wrong! The Canyonview staff was kind enough to give us a tour, and the choir loved getting to pet and talk to the horses. They especially loved playing with the long hair of the horses’ tails!

The children have continued to show their adventurousness every day by trying new and sometimes-surprising food. While foods like pasta, cold-cut meats, and dairy products will take some getting used to, we can tell you one thing for sure: these kids love ketchup! They’ve been putting it on practically everything.

The courage and growth each child has shown in less than a week of leaving their home country is truly amazing. Even at their young age, they are facing every new experience with a grateful and joyful spirit, and I can tell you that spirit is contagious! We look forward to sharing smiles, laughter, and lots of music and dance with you these next eight months!



The Ugandan Kids Choir travels all over the United States bringing a message of hope, and sharing the power of God’s love through traditional song and dance. To support them on their journey, find a performance near you!

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