Meet the Sponsorship Team

Childcare Worldwide is blessed with an amazing team. We have dedicated staff all over the world, working to share the Gospel and meet children’s needs. And we want you to meet them!

This year, we’ll be publishing a series of blogs introducing you to the teams that make this work happen. We’re starting with the sponsorship team here in Bellingham.

Currently, our sponsorship team consists of Tammy, Maggie, Dori, and Abraham. If you’ve ever called the office, you’ve probably talked to one of them. And today, you can put faces to their names!



Tammy - VP of Child Sponsorship


Tammy keeps the whole sponsorship operation running. She works with her team to communicate with our sponsors about their kids, and with each of our country offices directly, to help our sponsored children thrive.

She is also the Childcare staff member who has been serving the longest. Tammy has dedicated almost 30 years to transforming kids’ lives through child sponsorship! Over the years, she has travelled to our international field offices 18 different times. With the advent of Skype and WhatsApp, she doesn’t travel as much anymore. Advancing technologies have transformed how we operate, and Tammy has embraced every step of that journey! Her experience is invaluable in moving both the sponsorship team and the whole organization forward.

Tammy has helped lead Childcare Worldwide through many advancements, and she’s not done yet. Our Life Centers are growing, and as they do, Tammy is working to improve the mentorship opportunities we provide to our sponsored kids. She’s excited to see more one-on-one interaction with our kids in the field, and the impact that will make for them both spiritually and academically. She is also working to increase the communication we send to sponsors, providing information about not only their specific child, but details about their child’s Life Center, and community, as well.

Over the years, there have been countless children Tammy has connected with, who keep her inspired in her day-to-day work. On one of her trips to Uganda, she met a family of four children whose parents had both died. These kids were trying to raise themselves, struggling just to eat. On that visit, Tammy saw first-hand the awful situation those kids were in, and was a part of bringing them to live in one of our children’s homes. Childcare Worldwide became family for them when they didn’t have a family of their own. But it’s the long-term transformation Tammy witnessed that really excites her. Today, those kids are in high school and trade school! It is amazing to see the hope they have today, through Childcare Worldwide.

Outside of work, Tammy is an amazing mom to her son Nathan, who she adopted from Uganda. Her life includes a lot of “soccer mom” duties as Nathan pursues his dream of playing professionally someday. She also enjoys photography and quality time with family and friends.


Maggie – Senior Sponsorship Communication Specialist


Maggie has worked for Childcare Worldwide for four years. If you’ve ever called the office with questions about your sponsorship, you’ve probably already met Maggie! She excels at connecting with sponsors, tracking down details, and responding to concerns.

In addition to taking the lead on phone inquiries, Maggie also manages communication between children and their sponsors. Every letter and photo that comes in from the field lands on Maggie’s desk. It’s her job to process them, and help send them on their way. That’s thousands of photos, and thousands of letters, each year! With our countries operating around different school schedules, her workload can be unpredictable. She might get a thousand new photos one week and none at all the next. It’s a job that definitely keeps her on her toes, but she loves the challenge.

For Maggie, one of the best parts of her job is getting to watch relationships grow between the kids and their sponsors. She loves seeing the way you connect with each other. Every letter and photo reminds her there is a real child impacted by her work – and that makes it all worth it!

Over the years, Maggie has stepped into increasing responsibility. She loves the collaborative nature of Childcare Worldwide that allows her to implement new ideas and learn new skills. Her team really appreciates how hard she works, and how dedicated she is to excellence. She will go above and beyond to ensure her work is done, and that it’s done well.

Outside of work, Maggie is passionate about criminal justice and prison reform. She recently completed a double degree in social services, and law and justice. She also helped write a newly published book that advocates for prison reform. Congratulations, Maggie!


Dori – Sponsorship Coordinator


Dori joined the sponsorship team just six months ago, but already we can’t imagine the office without her. She brings a lot of laughter and joy to the team.

Dori and her husband spent a number of years as missionaries in Japan. They raised their three children there, and she loves sharing stories of their cross-cultural adventures and misadventures.

Before joining our team, Dori worked in a very high-stress environment. She loves the more balanced approach she finds here. In those first weeks, she would walk away from our weekly staff devotions with such a sense of relief – it’s so nice to be able to pray with coworkers, see everyone supporting one another, and to give the stressful things to God! What a difference!

Her primary responsibility is managing our sponsorship records. She pulls reports and keeps our data up-to-date, in order to ensure that your gifts go to the correct child, and to keep you informed about their progress. Dori is definitely a people-person and has a background in customer relations, so she thrives at handling the many phone calls and questions that come in.

Despite only being here for a few months, Dori has stepped fully into the role of “office mom” – she keeps a spare chair in her office so that anybody can come sit, chat, and get advice. She jokes that she needs to start charging for these counseling sessions!

Her “counseling” sessions compliment one of Dori’s big passions in life, which is good coffee! She loves sitting down with friends to share a cup, and greatly values the deep connections and conversations she gets to share with a mug in hand. Dori is part of the barista team at her church, which lets her share her passion even more.


Abraham – Sponsorship Assistant


Abraham also started about six months ago, and has been another great addition to the team! Abraham’s dad and brother work in the office as well, so he gets to collaborate with them every day. He says that being able to share his work with family is really rewarding and adds a great dimension to the experience.

As one of the younger team members, and a true digital native, Abraham brings a lot of technological expertise to the team. He handles all the sponsorship letters that are sent digitally, and manages the data to make that possible. He also helps with the phones as needed.

Abraham is looking forward to working with Tammy on upcoming efforts to increase connections between sponsors and their children. As our field offices have increasing access to technology, we’re able to increase communication, and Abraham is excited to be a part of setting up those systems.

With a passion for ministry, Abraham loves that he gets to live this important work each day. In his first week here, he remembers coming across a letter from a newly sponsored child in Haiti. The boy was thanking their sponsor for the shoes he received – his very first pair. Reading that letter really brought things into perspective for Abraham. Kids like that little boy in Haiti inspire him every day.

Outside of work, Abraham is involved in more ministry! He helps run audio for his church’s worship team, and is very connected with local college and student ministries.


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in supporting our mission, click here.

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