Meet the tour staff

As our 2018 Ugandan Kids Choir gets under way, take a minute to meet the choir staff who will be traveling with the kids over the next eight months:


Our fearless leader of this tour is Emma Roorda. She was born in Michigan but spent much of her childhood in Canada. Emma actually has dual citizenship, which means she is especially skilled at doing the Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion!

Emma is currently on an extended break from school as she finishes her degree at Redeemer University in Ontario. She is majoring in International Development and Communications. As part of her degree work, she did a six-month internship in Jinja, Uganda, and absolutely fell in love with the country. Ever since, Emma has been searching for ways to go back.

She calls this position as Tour Leader, a “total God thing”: the dates lined up perfectly with her school break and it allows her to spend time engaging deeply with Ugandan kids. Emma’s excited to be a part of the kids’ discovery of American culture. It’s the flip side of her own experience getting to know Ugandan culture, and she can’t wait to see the United States through their eyes!


Magen Moore, our Tour Administrator, joins us from Kenton, Ohio. Her background is in children’s ministry. She attended the Master’s Commission discipleship ministry school, and most recently served as the Children’s Pastor at a church in Indiana. In past roles, Magen spent a fair amount of time driving 15 passenger vans, which means she’s feeling up to the task of handling the choir bus!

Magen has previously spent time in Nigeria, so she’s pretty good at navigating cross-cultural experiences. She’s looking forward to getting to know the kids and walking with them as they experience so many new things. She’s especially excited to see their belief grow, as they rely on God for all the details of their tour.



Our Choir Director is Innocent Mugenyi. He’s an accomplished and passionate musician, and his enthusiasm inspires the kids. He is constantly encouraging them, and reminding them their talent is from the Lord – a great reminder for them to do their best! Innocent has previously traveled to Denmark, the UK and Ethiopia for various musical pursuits, but this is his first time to the United States. He’s excited to make new friends as they travel!

Innocent is from western Uganda, and is the proud father of twin girls!


The Schoolteacher for this tour is Zainah Kibone. She’s from Eastern Uganda, a mountainous region with heavy rains. She is a teacher at home too, but she’s excited for this new adventure of teaching on the road.

Zainah has three children of her own, but has already “adopted” all ten of the choir kids as hers too. She loves them dearly, but also keeps them in line!




Please pray for these four staff members, together with the ten choir kids, as they start their tour. Pray that they will build strong, positive relationships with each other that will see them through the eight months on the road. Tour life isn’t always easy, but with a “family” like this, we’re confident they’ll do great!

The Ugandan Kids Choir travels all over the United States bringing a message of hope, and sharing the power of God’s love through traditional song and dance. To support them on their journey, find a performance near you!

Caitlin Sakuma
Written by Caitlin Sakuma

As Donor Relations Manager at Childcare Worldwide, Caitlin’s goal is to inspire supporters like you. Every day, she finds hope in the way we are changing kids’ lives, and seeks to share that hope with you. When she’s not working, you can find Caitlin hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Bellingham or vying for position as “favorite aunt” to her ten nieces and nephews.

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