My best subject is…

For many kids in the U.S. it’s back-to-school time! But the Ugandan Kids Choir has been making school a priority the whole time they’ve been on tour. So, instead of cute back-to-school pictures, I give you an adorable school favorites video!

In Uganda, they use the word “best” to mean favorite, and the choir kids want to share with you their “best” subjects!


We love seeing these cuties get excited about class – it’s one of the most important things they do while they’re on tour because it’s an investment in their future.

While they’re on the road, the choir has classes with Zainah, a school teacher from Uganda who travels with them. They focus on the four subjects they would be studying if they were at home in Uganda: English, math, social studies and science. With just 10 students, she is able to work with them individually to ensure they not only keep up with their classmates back home, but even excel beyond their grade.

We’re happy to say that Zainah is giving all 10 of her students glowing reports. She is especially excited to see their improvements in English! All the interactions they get to have with people on the road has been great for their English skills, and that benefit is spilling over into their other subjects too. For instance, Zainah shares that math is getting much easier for them, because they can now understand the word problems without having to stop to translate each word. Instead of getting stuck on the language, they can actually focus on the math!

Emma, our tour leader, also reports huge improvements in the kids’ English:

“Throughout the last couple of months, the children have not only learned a variety of new English words, including 'honey dew melon, deer, hydroelectricity, suspension bridge and bedtime story,' but they have also become much more confident in expressing themselves in English. At the beginning of our time together, they seemed nervous of saying a wrong English word, and shy about trying to use the English phrases they were learning in school during their everyday life. Now, the children have no trouble playing, singing and of course arguing with each other in English! It is amazing what this immersion into the English language paired with their seriousness in their schoolwork has done for their ability to communicate. These are some intelligent kids!"

It's still early days for this tour, but we know these kids will be returning home in a few months. When they do, we’re proud to be sending them back with new skills and improved academics to help them build bright futures for themselves.


The Ugandan Kids Choir travels all over the United States bringing a message of hope, and sharing the power of God’s love through traditional song and dance. To support them on their journey, find a performance near you!

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