All in a day's drive

When it rains in Kenya, the roads become a MESS.

We went to visit Kiserian in western Kenya, and discovered part of the road had turned into a river! Another section of the road was simply a giant mud pit. Now we know why our field staff put so much wear on their vehicles! These roads aren't great to begin with, but after a heavy rain there might as well not be any road. Can you imagine? Navigating these roads is just another day's work for our staff in Kenya. 

Joining them on just one trip on this road gave me a much deeper appreciation for the work they do. Visiting sponsored children around the country, delivering food paks to remote villages, and inspecting water tanks at far-flung churches doesn't just mean jumping on the highway. It means white knuckling it through roads that we would classify as impassable.


We're so thankful for brave drivers, resourceful mechanics, and beastly vehicles that can barrel through anything these Kenyan roads throw at them!

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