OUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19 March 16, 2020

As the world reacts in real-time to the news of the Coronavirus, Childcare Worldwide is proactively responding to the effects the pandemic is having on our ministry. We care deeply for each child in our program, and we know that you are wondering about what we are doing to ensure their safety during this unprecedented situation. (more…)

Transforming Lives through Life Centers March 12, 2020

The old adage, “seeing is believing” took on a new meaning for me on a recent trip to Kenya and Uganda. I was there with the goal of learning more about Childcare Worldwide’s programs and the people that we serve, yet, it was seeing the children that left the biggest impression on me. Many people say that they had not seen true poverty until they visited the developing world. While this is true in a physical sense, I have also never seen life transformation in the same way as I saw it in Africa. For me, the best parts of the trip were my visits to our Life Centers.  (more…)

Join the Challenge March 7, 2020

Every week at Life Centers around the world, our kids memorize a Bible verse. And this Spring, they are challenging YOU to join them. Watch the video to see how it works, then join our Facebook group to take part in the challenge! (more…)

A Powerful Testimony February 27, 2020

Anybody who has ever worked in youth ministry knows how important good adult leaders are. That’s why we spend so much time investing in our Life Center teachers – and why we’re so grateful for wonderful teachers like Ritah in Uganda. (more…)

Baptisms in Peru! February 20, 2020

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we have a lot of good days – God blesses this ministry in so many ways. But the best days of all are the days we hear about our kids making public declarations of their faith in Christ. (more…)

Meet the Sponsorship Team February 14, 2020

Childcare Worldwide is blessed with an amazing team. We have dedicated staff all over the world, working to share the Gospel and meet children’s needs. And we want you to meet them! (more…)

Why Give Monthly? February 7, 2020

  Are you looking for ways to make your donations stretch further to help even more kids? One of the best things you can do to help is to make your giving a monthly pledge…and there’s great benefits for you too. Here’s our top 3 reasons why YOU should consider opening a monthly pledge. (more…)

Building success January 29, 2020

We are so blessed by the team of caring adults who invest in our kids’ success! Every child needs support from many corners to build a successful future. And thanks to generous people like you, we see kids graduating and living their dreams every day! (more…)

From Farm to Pharmacy January 20, 2020

Recently, I sat down with Justine, a young woman whose life was transformed thanks to the support of her sponsors. Her journey is proof of the impact you have every day as a child sponsor. (more…)

Praise God for 2019! January 9, 2020

  Thanks to sponsors and donors like you, 2019 was an amazing year of transformation for children in need. As we launch into a new year of discipleship and education, let’s take a moment to look back on everything we accomplished together last year! With your help, and God’s provision, we… (more…)

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