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Childcare Worldwide’s water projects are unique because we work through local churches to create lasting change.Give Clean Water Today

Kabimbiri Church in Uganda is one we’ve worked closely with for a number of years, and we are so excited to share about the transformation taking place there. The neighborhood around Kabimbiri didn’t have any viable water source until we installed a water tank there in June of last year.

Recently, we sat down with Pastor George to hear how the new water tank is impacting his community – already it is making a big difference!


He started by explaining how they had lived before. The community relied on a pool of “stagnant water located in the wild without any protection. It was contaminated with toads and animal waste.”

He went on to tell us how people used to spend hours walking to get to water there, and that people – especially children – were always getting sick from the water. Worse, over the months, a number of children and one of their church elders had fallen into the pond and drowned.

Water tank campaign photo-Kabimbiri Evagelism Church (6) (1)

“We were celebrating that we had some source of water,” he said, “but it had become a death trap.”

Since we installed the tank, all that has changed!

With the new water tank at his church, Pastor George happily reports that local children are much safer today than they were before. They don’t spend hours walking by themselves to fetch water every morning. Instead, they come to the church, which takes just a few minutes. They’re healthier now, too. And praise God, nobody has drowned since the tank was installed!

Water tank campaign photo-Kabimbiri Evagelism Church (2) (2)

But the best thing of all is how the tank has helped Kabimbiri Church connect with more people in the community. More children than ever are coming to Sunday school, and the congregation as a whole is growing!

“It used to be hard to speak to some people about Jesus,” Pastor George said. “But because of the water tank, we have seen new people coming to our services – even Muslims and those of other faiths!”

That holistic, long-term change is exactly why we partner with churches for our water projects. Anybody can build a water tank. But true transformation comes only from Jesus. And sharing the Gospel of Jesus is never a “one-and done” thing – it takes building real relationships, and showing up consistently. And thanks to church partners like Kabimbiri, we get to show up with a glass of water!

Working together with committed church partners and generous donors like you, we can make muddy water sources a thing of the past, one community at a time. And we get to share the hope of Jesus while we do it! Will you join us as we transform lives through clean water projects? Each water tank costs just $3,000 to install, and every gift of $15.20 is enough to provide clean water for one person!

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