Saving up for something special

A few weeks ago, our Ugandan Kids Choir began wrapping up their time in Oregon. Their final host home was wonderful and a special treat to three of the boys who had developed a special bond with the host family’s eldest son, Nathan.

Nathan gives a farewell hug to his new friends Alex, Titus and Kenneth. Nathan gives a farewell hug to his new friends Alex, Titus and Kenneth.

Our tour leader, Sam Villalta, was busy getting the kids and their belongings into the van so they could head out to their next stop. As they finished stowing the things away and prepared to close the van door, Nathan ran up to Sam with something clenched under his arm.

Sam looked up and saw Nathan running towards him clutching an “Oregon State Beavers” piggy bank and a twenty dollar bill in his hand. “Wait!” Nathan shouted catching his breath. "Mr. Sam, I want you to have this. I want my new friends to be blessed and I want to help. Please take this!”

Sam took the crumpled bill from little Nathan’s hand and his heart was immediately warmed by this random act of kindness. “I know it’s not much,” Nathan said, “but I want them to know God loves them.” Quickly, the three choir boys got out of the van and embraced their friend for one last time. Everyone was moved by Nathan’s spontaneous generosity.

With all that is happening in the world today, we see rays of hope in kids like Nathan. They remind us that God is still on his throne and children still understand His message of reaching out to help the less fortunate.

It is a fact that our society is too focused on material goods. Many parents say their children have more than they themselves ever had growing up, and yet, they don’t seem any happier. Nathan’s story provides a wonderful way for us to share the joy that comes with giving instead of always receiving.

“The Nile River isn't the only thing that extends out of Uganda – there are also the little smiles and glimmers of hope that the Ugandan Kids Choir is spreading as they travel. And on this day, Oregon returned the smile.” – Sam Villalta, Western US Tour Leader

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