Solomon's Key to Success? Water!

Stephen and Solomon are two brothers living in Olenkasurai, Kenya. In many ways, their life is idyllic. They live with their loving parents and spend their days in school and helping their dad graze the sheep.

But alongside that idyllic pastoral scene, they live with the horrors of poverty. And the biggest horror of all is the water they drink.

An idyllic farm in Africa with a blue sky and hills in the background. Traditional fence made with wooden sticks and a small house made out of mud


They get their water from a river. The same river where the community waters their herds. And it’s contaminated with all sorts of animal dung and parasites.

For the boys, this dirty water is disastrous. It’s not just that it tastes bad. It also exacts an astounding toll on their health, and their future. You see, the water from the river gives them bad stomachaches and diarrhea – and sometimes even worse diseases.

Solomon explains how difficult dirty water makes his life in one sad story. One time, he says, “I had a running stomach and it was during examination time. I was not able to concentrate well.”

Can you imagine taking a critical school exam while you’re sick with diarrhea? For kids in Kenya, school exams are a huge deal. How you do on exams determines whether you can move up a grade, and whether you’re able to get into secondary school (high school), and if so how good of a school you can attend. Being sick during one of these life-changing tests would be devastating. But with no other water drink, Solomon didn’t have any options.

Seeing how much Stephen and Solomon were suffering, and how their dirty water was trapping them in poverty in the future, we knew we had to help! So, we gave their family a household water filter. And that simple gift changed everything!

Little boy wearing a traditional Masaai Robe, holding a glass of clear water smiling with cows in the background and greenery

Household water filters are our newest clean water project, and we couldn’t be more excited about the impact they’re making. This invention is wonderful! It’s a simple 5-gallon bucket, fitted with a tap at the bottom. But hidden inside the bucket is a charcoal filter that catches most parasites! Simply pour your dirty water into the bucket, and wait for the power of gravity to do its work pulling the water through the filter. Then, turn on the tap to see clear, clean water!

The best part is that the charcoal filter cores are long-lasting, cheap and readily available to replace when needed. These household filters are a sustainable solution to providing safe water for families in need!

When we first gave Stephen and Solomon their filter, they couldn’t believe the difference it made. Just check out this video to see how happy it made them. The clip at the end is Stephen, grinning after tasting clean water for the first time!

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Final-Water-Campaign-Video.mp4"][/video]


After that adorable grin, Stephen told us, “This tastes so much better than the water from the river!” Of course, it was water from the river – but after going through the filter it changed so much, you’d never know that!

Now, thanks to the water filter, Stephen and Solomon will be both be so much healthier! And their school performance will improve too. Solomon is good at math and hopes to be an accountant when he’s older. Thanks to the filter, he’ll be healthy when he takes his exams this year, which should put him well on his way towards achieving his dream!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in providing clean water for children in need, click here.

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