Mosquito Monsters October 4, 2019

For something so small, they cause a lot of damage. In many parts of the world mosquitos are far more than just an annoying little bug. They are dangerous and even deadly. Why? Because mosquitos carry the malaria virus. Malaria is a big problem for developing countries, and it’s one we can’t afford to ignore. Here’s why: Sick kids can’t attend Life Centers. Our Life Centers offer children a space to meet Jesus and grow in their faith. But when kids get sick with malaria, they’re too weak to come their Life Centers, often for weeks or even months on end. That means no Bible lessons, no discipleship with their Life Center teachers, no new songs about Jesus, and no memory verses. (more…)

"Welcome to Our Home" August 20, 2019

I’m sitting here in Entebbe, Uganda listing to the sound of traffic and muffled conversations in Luganda. For the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling around both Kenya and Uganda meeting the children and families Childcare Worldwide serves. It’s been an eye-opening and humbling experience. The families we serve are poor. And that’s clear when you see their mud houses with dirt floors, buzzing with flies. None of that surprised me – I knew their lives looked very different from my own. What did surprise me was the similarities I found between myself and these families. (more…)

Field Notes from Kenya February 14, 2019

I’m here! After many airline delays, and rerouted flights, I finally made it to Kenya. And so far, my visit has been so much fun! INTRODUCTIONS Our first stop was to a Life Center. Bavuni School is a church where children visit on Saturday mornings to learn Christian Character Building (CCB) from a curriculum produced by Childcare Worldwide (CCW). They learn Bible verses to memory, sing songs, and then have a lunch of porridge and juice. Our visit was with the pastor, children and some of their parents. The children sang and recited scripture. The pastor delivered a short message, then my colleague Peter Horne (affiliated with CCW since its beginning) told a story on character that was quite animated. The kids laughed as Peter told them that God sees everything they do, and that because of Jesus Christ, they are forgiven. I stood up and greeted the crowd, sending well wishes from the staff at CCW. I loved meeting the kids and seeing their school. (more…)

Why Water? June 22, 2018

Water is one of life’s most basic necessities. But 1 in 9 people worldwide live without access to clean water. And sadly, children are the most vulnerable. It’s been estimated that a child dies from water-related disease every 90 seconds. They deserve better. Not only do they deserve better, but we are called to do something about it! Why? Take a look… (more…)

Her hands speak louder than words September 8, 2016

When I was in Kenya in early May, I met my former sponsored child, Vivian Dede. I remember when she was just a child and we exchanged letters back and forth across the miles. It was always exciting to get the updated photo and her neatly written letters on lined paper. At that time, I could already see her efforts to “get it right” by her carefully erased mistakes and re-written corrections. One of my very first sponsorship photos of Vivian Fast forward twenty years. Vivian is now an accomplished young lady giving back to the less fortunate in her own country. (more…)

From the darkness of fear to the light of hope September 8, 2016

Imagine you are a young girl, just 17 years old. You live in a remote area of Kenya that is often impassable to vehicles. Sometimes, in the quiet of the evening, you dream about your future… a husband, children, and a good vegetable garden just outside your house. Or if you do well in school, maybe a career. Then one day, everything changes. And your dreams lie shattered like broken glass on the floor. (more…)

Watch out! The choir kids have joined the bike lane! September 8, 2016

Riding a bike is one of the first tastes of freedom a kid can have. There’s something about the adult running alongside the child as they learn to get their balance and work the pedals… and then the inevitable letting go as they send them off down the street, and ultimately, out into the world. The child hears them yell, “Look straight ahead! Pedal faster! You can do it!” And then, after not much time, they are no longer wobbling down the street, and the voice of their parent becomes fainter and fainter. Some parents get a little weepy during these moments of launching their children. But for the kids, feeling the wind in their faces and the world flying by, it’s a discovery of fun and freedom that makes them smile with joy and new-found self-confidence. To you and me, this may look like just a few bikes parked alongside a house. But to the choir kids, these bikes are a little bit of heaven on earth! For our choir kids, the experience of learning to ride a bike and the adventure that it brings is no less thrilling. Recently, we sat down with the kids and asked them to share their experience of learning to ride a bike and what their dream bike would look like. Their answers made us smile – we think you’ll enjoy them too! (more…)

Wondering about water August 17, 2016

For many countries such as Kenya and Uganda, finding clean water to drink can be a challenge. I don’t think I have ever gone to Africa without seeing the ubiquitous scene of a child crouching near a dirty stream or pond and cupping their hands to take a drink. These are children who risk contracting waterborne illnesses, but often have no other alternative. The truth is, every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. Water catchment systems are helping to reduce that number and we are thrilled by the many supporters who have come alongside us to help build these systems! But what are some of the details about these systems? (more…)

All in a day's drive May 24, 2016

When it rains in Kenya, the roads become a MESS. We went to visit Kiserian in western Kenya, and discovered part of the road had turned into a river! Another section of the road was simply a giant mud pit. Now we know why our field staff put so much wear on their vehicles! These roads aren't great to begin with, but after a heavy rain there might as well not be any road. Can you imagine? Navigating these roads is just another day's work for our staff in Kenya.  (more…)

Real Change in a Broken World May 12, 2016

Have you ever been discouraged by all the pain and brokenness which fills the world? Have you ever wondered how much of a difference we can really make? Join us on our journey to Africa this month to find some answers! Our communications team is on their way to Kenya right now! They’ll be visiting our ministry locations in both Kenya and Uganda collecting pictures, video footage, and stories of our impact. Along the way they’re going to be asking some tough questions. How does change happen? How much of a difference can we really make? Is it all worth it? (more…)

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