Tragedy in Solai, Kenya May 14, 2018

On May 9th, tragedy struck the town of Solai in Nakuru County Kenya. After a long drought, the rains returned with a vengeance, making up for lost time. A large dam in Nakuru County had been steadily collecting water. And on Wednesday it finally burst under the pressure. Many children lost parents or siblings in this tragedy. (more…)

Surviving the Storm in the Night October 4, 2017

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last year, you sprang into action to help. The Childcare Worldwide family helped build or repair 90 different homes and provided emergency food for 640 families! Almost a year later, we had a chance to catch up with some of the people you helped. Here’s how your gifts made a difference. Little Shedna with her Uncle Evans in a field near their house. (more…)

Hurricane Matthew October 6, 2016

Early Tuesday morning, Hurricane Matthew made landfall, battering Haiti with 140 mile-per-hour winds and torrential rain and leaving catastrophic damage in its wake. (more…)

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