Chemistry Class September 3, 2019

In a dusty classroom in Uganda, I’m reliving my high school chemistry classes. For a second, I’m brought back to all the times I couldn’t quite keep up. But that disappears as Alex, the teacher, warms to his subject. Alex may be short, but his presence commands the whole room. His subject today? Chemical reactions. He’s clearly illustrating his point, as he makes acids and bases change color back and forth. It’s fascinating to watch! (more…)

Top Chef: Peru Edition January 22, 2018

Jefferson pursuing his dream at Idatur Institute. Jefferson is the last person you would expect to find at a prestigious culinary school in Lima, Peru. As a child, Jefferson had a lot working against him. His parents separated when he was little, which was emotionally devastating for him. As he says, “I felt like a beautiful bowl had been dropped on the ground – there was a crack in it that grew day-by-day.” (more…)

The Road to Graduation May 24, 2017

The funny square hats and black robes…the happy parents holding back tears of pride…the long-winded speeches…these are all signs it is graduation season. And we have a lot of students to celebrate with! In the past year, 118 Childcare Worldwide students have graduated (or are about to graduate) from college or trade school! Congratulations to all the students graduating this year! Even here in the United States, with our relatively high graduation rates, graduation ceremonies are a big deal. But for the kids we serve in developing countries, it is even more important. You see, to them, graduation day is one giant step on the path out of poverty. Many of them are the first in their families to finish school! (more…)

Beating the Odds May 3, 2017

By all rights, Joseph should have been a statistic. He should have died young. He should have lived a life of crime. He should have become radicalized. He should have been a drug addict. But that’s not how his story turns out… Joseph beat the odds! Joseph was born in Rwanda in 1994, during the height of the genocide. To save their newborn son, Joseph’s mother fled with him back to her native Uganda while his father stayed behind. Joseph and his mother made it safely to Uganda, but they never heard from his father again. (more…)

2016 Year in Review January 12, 2017

2016 was an amazing year for Childcare Worldwide. We've got a lot to celebrate this year! We’ve seen kids graduate and go on to trade school or college, kids who – without sponsorship – would have never even finished eighth grade. We’ve seen families take just three little goats and turn them into financial security. (more…)

A boy named MyLove February 9, 2016

Imagine. You live in a country that is riddled with political unrest. Food is hard to come by and jobs are few and far between. People everywhere are dispirited and wear perpetual sadness on their faces – a sadness that betrays a hard life. Enter a boy named MyLove. Such an interesting name. Just saying it makes you smile. Just saying it makes you think the world can’t be all bad. That even in an unstable and fragile country like Haiti, there is hope. (more…)

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