Meet the tour staff July 6, 2018

As our 2018 Ugandan Kids Choir gets under way, take a minute to meet the choir staff who will be traveling with the kids over the next eight months: Emma Our fearless leader of this tour is Emma Roorda. She was born in Michigan but spent much of her childhood in Canada. Emma actually has dual citizenship, which means she is especially skilled at doing the Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion! (more…)

"It ends up being family" November 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the 15th Ugandan Kids Choir is wrapping up. It seems like just yesterday they stepped off the plane from Uganda. They’ve grown so much this year! And not just in height (although they’ve done plenty of that!) – they’ve grown academically, emotionally and spiritually too. Wherever they go, this group of kids lights up the room. As they wrap up their tour, we took some time to sit down with them – both the kids and the leaders – and reflect on how far they’ve come. FAVORITE MEMORIES Our first question was easy. What is your favorite memory from tour?  (more…)

Auntie Michelle visits Uganda May 12, 2017

The bond a Tour Leader forms with their choir kids is special. They share countless hours on the bus, new experiences daily, the frustrations of close quarters and life on the road, and the joys of accomplishing their common goal of seeing more kids sponsored! For the kids, their “Auntie” becomes mom, teacher, friend and mentor all rolled into one. Saying goodbye at the end of tour is tough.  All of these reasons made Michelle Holstein’s trip to Uganda so exciting! "Auntie Michelle" was a Tour Leader in 2016, and now she is getting ready to lead her next tour! Michelle was a tour leader in 2016, and we are so excited that she is coming back to lead another tour starting soon. During her recent trip to Uganda, Michelle got to visit her former tour kids, as well as meet her new tour! And it sounds like it was an incredible experience for them all! (more…)

First Impressions February 7, 2017

The newest Choir is ready for an amazing year on the road! Ivan and Evalyne, brand new Ugandan Kids Choir chaperones, are trying to get through the airport with ten excited, nervous, little bundles of energy. They’ve left Uganda and landed in Dubai on their long journey to the United States. The airport here is the biggest building any of them have ever seen. As they settle in to wait for their next flight, Ivan asks them what their favorite part of the trip has been so far. Little Ronald’s answer? “The ladder that moves!” It takes Ivan and Evalyne a minute to understand what he means. And then they realize – Ronald has never seen an escalator before! This is just the first of many firsts that will fill the new Ugandan Kids Choir tour with excitement and wonder throughout their first few weeks here in the U.S. (more…)

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