Thank you, Dr. Max!

On October 31st, our beloved founder Dr. Max Lange retired after 37 years of faithful ministry. Don’t miss this important message from him announcing his retirement:

Dear Friends,

For over 37 years we have worked together in this ministry - I am deeply grateful for your trust and partnership, which is why I want to be sure you hear this news: I am going to retire!

In December, I will be 87. I am so grateful that the Lord has provided the strength for me to lead all these years.  My dear wife Marlies, my wonderful helper, has already been retired for some time, and now it’s my turn.

As I reflect on all the Lord has done through this ministry - through us - I am so grateful to have been a part of it and a part of His plan! And I am so thankful He brought you to be a part of this work as well. God is good! All the time He is good!

It really is incredible what the Lord has done through Childcare Worldwide over the last 37 years. Allow me to share just a few highlights and stories:


  • In 1981 our office was in our bedroom . . . and today we are reaching over 10,000 children every year!
  • Following the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, 800 people gave their lives to Jesus through our relief efforts and evangelistic meetings!
  • Over 230 clean water systems are providing safe water to communities in Africa.
  • Each year, 10,000 people all over the United States experience the Ugandan Kids Choir’s message of hope and learn about the power of child sponsorship.
  • Over 6,500 sponsored children are learning about Jesus and studying our Christian Character Building curriculum at weekly Life Center meetings.


Some of the first children in our sponsorship program were two sisters named Anusha and Lakshmi. Their father was an abusive drunk who beat their mother so badly he killed her. The girls fled to an aunt’s house, but soon their father found them and tried to sell them into prostitution to fund his drinking habit. Can you imagine!? They were both just children!

Thankfully, kindly neighbors realized what their father intended and rescued them. With no other options, their neighbors brought them to one of our children’s homes and begged us to help. Hearing the story, we of course took them in, and enrolled them in the sponsorship program. My wife and I had the privilege of sponsoring Anusha ourselves!

And you know what? Anusha graduated from medical school with a degree in Physical Therapy! Is that a happy ending or what?

As I prepare to retire, I think often of Anusha and the difference we made in her life. Knowing we changed her life makes it all worth it. Knowing we’ve changed tens of thousands of kids’ lives through sponsorship drives me to my knees in awe – the Lord is doing great things through sponsorship, and through this ministry. I’m privileged to have been a part of it!


But now it is time for me to retire. I’m pleased to share that I’m leaving this ministry in good hands. Yes, I have found a successor! His name is Bill Nienhuis, from right here in Whatcom County. Bill has already served Childcare Worldwide well as a member of our Board of Directors. But now, with the unanimous approval of his fellow board members, he will move into his new role! I’m confident that God will go before him, and continue to bless this ministry as He has led me all these years. You can read more about Bill here – I can’t wait for you to meet him!

I will retire on October 31st and hand the baton off to Bill. Please pray for us both as we prepare for this transition!

I thank you again for all your support! It has been a great joy to see the Lord work through you and through this ministry to reach children in need. It is my prayer that you will continue to help Childcare Worldwide reach out in the name of Jesus to the hurting children of the world.


In Christ,

Dr. Max Lange

Childcare Worldwide is lucky to have had Dr. Max’s vision and leadership to guide us all these years. And we would love your help in thanking him for all his years of service! Click here to leave your thank you message for Dr. Max!

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