The 2016 Choir is on its Way!

We are very excited to tell you that we have TWO new choirs arriving in the US on January 14th, ready for the 2016 season!

Right now, 20 youngsters in Uganda are preparing for their big trip to America. Relatives are stopping by to wish them well, and no doubt they are receiving sage advice from elderly aunts and uncles.

For the children, preparing for such an enormous adventure is more of a mental preparation than a physical one as they have no belongings to pack. They arrive on our shores with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the responsibility of helping to transport their instruments. Can you imagine going on a trip like that without packing any of the things you always say you “can’t live without?” Kind of makes you think…

These two new choirs will begin performing January 20th, while our current tour will finish up on March 16th, and then return home to Uganda.

Once the new 2016 choir kids arrive, they will be taken shopping for warm clothes, toiletries and other essential items they will need while on tour. They will also stop to buy school supplies to get them set up for continuing their education while they are here.

Blessings, fun and excitement are all waiting just around the corner for these new choir kids. Check out the choir tour dates to see when they will be performing near you!

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