The Best Gift Ever

What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? When I was about seven, my parents bought me my very own American Girl doll. I can still remember that feeling of joy, excitement, and awe as I unwrapped the box. And that’s the feeling five-year-old Heidi had as she unwrapped her gift at her Love Pak party in Mexico.

Love Paks are our way of reminding kids how deeply they are loved – both by you, and by God.

For Heidi, her Love Pak party joy started with a special Christmas breakfast: she had big fluffy pancakes with syrup and some orange juice. Her family doesn’t have much, and she loved this special treat!

Next up was the Christmas skit. At our Love Pak parties, we’re all about putting Christ first in Christmas! So every party includes a special Christmas message, Jesus-focused Christmas songs, and a Nativity play to help each child understand that Jesus came to earth for them.

Heidi’s favorite part of the play was when the Wise Men came to bring baby Jesus gifts. She also loved the songs! One of her favorites is Go Tell it On the Mountain. We loved hearing her sing “…that Jesus Christ is born…!”

But the most exciting part of the party was still to come – the actual Christmas Love Paks!

Heidi’s family has very little. They moved from a small village to the big city a few years ago, seeking a better life. Unfortunately, things have been just as hard in the city – they’ve struggled to find steady jobs. They survive on very little, and have no extra money for Christmas presents or celebrations.

So, the gifts Heidi received that day were very special, maybe even the best she’d ever been given.

There were colored pencils, a new toothbrush, pink flip-flops, and a cartoon tract for kids sharing the Gospel. There was even fresh fruit, a rare treat for Heidi – there was an apple, an orange, and a banana. Best of all was a pair of pink gloves with a matching hat! Heidi put them on immediately and it was clear they made her feel like a princess. She kept looking at her hands and wiggling her fingers delightedly, as she admired the new gloves.

The smile that lit up Heidi’s face as she opened her Christmas present is what Love Paks are all about. It’s so important to give kids that extra care that lets them know they are loved and not forgotten.

The best part is, every time Heidi uses them she’ll be reminded of the joy she felt at her Love Pak party. She’ll sing “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” sharing the birth of Jesus with all who hear her. And, as she grows, Heidi will remember the most important message of all: that Jesus is the best gift any of us will ever receive.

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in sharing the love of Jesus this year through Christmas Love Paks, click here.

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