The Best Gift of All


Before coronavirus concerns shut down non-essential work around the world, we were able to complete an amazing project: delivering Bibles to kids in need!

For families living on the financial edge, a Bible is considered a luxury. Many families can’t even imagine being able to afford a Bible of their own. But we know how important scripture is to helping kids grow in their faith, which is why getting them into kids hands is a priority for us. 

With the support of generous donors like you, we were able to purchase brand new Good News Bibles. And earlier this year, we gave them to high school students in Uganda. It was so fun to see their excitement as they received these Bibles!

Many of these kids have been walking with Jesus for years. They’ve made do by reading scripture only when they’re at their church or their Life Center, and in some cases borrowing Bibles from friends. But now they have a Bible of their own!


These are young people like 19-year-old Harriet. Harriet’s parents weren’t able to take care of her, so she grew up with her aunt Esther. Even though she was already struggling to care for her own children, Esther raised Harriet like one of her own. They survive on the food they grow in a small garden – she couldn’t imagine ever having the money to buy a Bible on her own.

Harriet learned about Jesus through the example of her Life Center teacher Ms. Vickie. Once she gave her life to the Lord, Harriet’s whole life changed. Today, she is passionate about continuing to learn and grow, which is so exciting to see. But without a regular, ongoing access to God’s Word, she was limited. That why she was literally bouncing with joy when we handed her her own Bible earlier this year!

“I thank God,” Harriet said, “because He has made a way where there seemed to be no way for me.” She also said it was one of the best gifts she’s ever received, and that she’s excited because it will help her share the love of Jesus with family and friends!

The best part? Harriet is just one of many young people who received a Bible!

Especially given the lockdown measures now in place in Uganda, we are so grateful these kids now have a copy of God’s Word with them at home. We’re looking forward to giving out even more Bibles after lockdown measures are lifted!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to share the Gospel with children in need. If you’re interested in providing Bibles for more young people like Harriet, click here.

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