The Choir Goes to Outer Space!

Since arriving in the U.S. the Ugandan Kids Choir has been on many incredible fieldtrips. But their trip to the Kennedy Space Center over Christmas break was out of this world!

The kids were so excited about this visit – they haven’t stopped talking about it yet. They were asking questions non-stop. Tour leader Emma quickly exhausted her limited space knowledge answering their questions. Thankfully, the interactive exhibits helped fill in the gaps, and everybody learned more about outer space and humanity’s most daring explorations of our universe. It was a full day of learning and fun, and the memories they made will stick with each child forever.

The highlight of the day was, without a doubt, riding the rocket simulator. The experience was so convincing that the kids were asking “Auntie, are we really going into space!?”

Other highlights were touring the real Atlantis Space Shuttle, seeing a moon rock, and watching an IMAX movie about how humans might someday live on Mars.

Learning about our big, beautiful universe was so inspiring. The children and staff alike came away with a deep sense of awe for our powerful God who created it all.

Here’s what 10-year-old Leevan had to say about his visit to the Space Center.

“My best part of Kennedy Space Center was going inside the rocket (rocket simulator). It felt like we were on a real rocket! My whole body was shaking and I was thinking it would be so fun to travel to space. I may go to space one day. I could walk on the moon, just like the astronauts. I learned that if you are on earth, you can breathe, but not if you are on the moon. I could be an astronaut wearing a spacesuit to help me breathe. God made the planets….even the people. He cares so much about people. I like that.”

We’re so grateful the choir will have these wonderful memories to take home with them to Uganda!

The Ugandan Kids Choir travels all over the United States bringing a message of hope, and sharing the power of God’s love through traditional song and dance. To support them on their journey, find a performance near you!

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