The Special Effects of Sponsorship

“How do they do that!?” Anytime Fluk gets a chance to watch a movie, he is curious. Like many 18 year old boys, he loves Marvel movies – his favorite is Spiderman! Fluk’s fascinated by the special effects, so it’s no surprise that it’s his life-long dream to become a video graphics expert.

What is surprising is the road he took to get there.

You see, Fluk grew up in the slums of Khon Kaen, Thailand, and his family always struggled to make ends meet. His mom abandoned the family when he was little. His dad works as a delivery driver and was often gone for days at a time, driving his truck around the country. Thankfully Fluk’s grandparents were there to help take care of him and his sister while his dad was gone.

But despite the long hours driving, Fluk’s father’s small income could barely keep food on the table for the kids and the grandparents.

Thankfully, Fluk joined Childcare Worldwide’s sponsorship program, and got to attend Khon Kaen Christian school. With the support of his sponsor, Fluk thrived despite his struggles at home.

His sponsor’s generosity allowed Fluk to stay in school. Without them, he most likely would have had to drop out, to find a menial, low-wage job to help support the family.

And at his school, Fluk got far more than the basics of reading, writing and math. His teachers also helped him embrace his creativity and curiosity.

Today, Fluk is in his final year of trade school where he is studying computer graphics. His goal is to continue on to get his 4-year degree too! He’s learning Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and more.

Fluk can’t believe everything he’s learned so far. Now when he watches movies he can often answer his own question of “how did they do that?” And someday soon, maybe he’ll be the one doing it!

Fluk started with few prospects. It seemed like he would continue the cycle of poverty that had trapped his parents and grandparents for so many years. But thanks to the faithful support of his sponsors, Fluk is on a great career path, with an exciting future ahead. Sponsorship truly does work!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in helping kids like Fluk find a path out of poverty, click here.

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