The Water Crisis and How to Help

Walking down a narrow path in Uganda, grass and twigs brushing against my legs, I can’t imagine making this walk every single day.

I’m already sweating in the heat and humidity, and impatient to reach our destination. But the kids I’m walking with don’t have a choice. They make this trek daily, because at the end is the community’s only water source. 


Entering the small clearing, at first I don’t realize we’ve arrived. But as everyone carries their empty jerry cans towards a small pond, the truth becomes clear: this muddy little hole in the ground is their water source. It’s barely more than a puddle, with an equal lack of cleanliness. Eyeing the cow that comes over for a drink as well, I know there is no way this water is safe for humans. But it’s the only water this community has.

Sadly, their story is far from unique. All across our program locations in Kenya and Uganda, families are surviving without access to clean water.

And that’s why we’re committed to providing safe, sustainable clean water solutions!

Water tank campaign photo-Kabimbiri Evagelism Church (2) (2)

By building high-capacity rainwater tanks at centrally located churches, we solve the problem of access. These tanks store water safely away from the bacteria and parasites that contaminate groundwater, while also saving women and children the long hours they previously spent hauling water from far-off locations.

We also provide families with household water filters, ensuring that even the dirtiest water is safe to drink. Water filters transform community health, protecting people from deadly waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, and more. 


Together, water filters and water tanks can transform a community, but there is a third piece to our water solutions, perhaps the most important piece of all: our church partners! 

Partnering with pastors and church leaders who live and work in the communities we serve allows for sustainable change. Rather than just dropping off aid packages and moving on, we build ongoing relationships with each church. We work closely with them to create long-term solutions that are specifically calibrated for their community.


But the benefits of working with a local church go far beyond long-term sustainability. Our church partners also provide a spiritual dimension to our clean water projects.

Providing the community with physical water allows each church the opportunity to share the hope of the Living Water with an even wider audience. The congregations we work with have more and more people coming to their services. Even those from different faith backgrounds have started visiting churches, all due to our clean water projects.

Working together with committed church partners and generous donors like you, we can make muddy water sources a thing of the past, one community at a time. And we get to share the hope of Jesus while we do it! Will you join us as we transform lives through clean water projects?

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