True Christmas Joy

Thank you to everyone who gave a Christmas Love Pak to a child in need this year!

Four boys sit on a bench in front of a bright blue wall. All four are holding packages wrapped in plastic and tied at the top with a red bow. These boys could hardly wait to unwrap their Christmas Love Paks!

Together, we gave Love Paks to 6,937 children! Your gifts filled their Christmases with light and joy. And for many of them, you gave them the opportunity to hear the true Christmas story for the first time! Most importantly, you let a hurting child know they are not forgotten.

Your gifts touched hearts in….



In Mexico, the kids were literally jumping up and down with excitement as they waited for their gifts.

Posing with her chin in her hand, a little girl shows off her matching hat and gloves. Heidi shows off her new matching hat and gloves.

Five-year-old Heidi got a matching hat and gloves set which she put on immediately – you could see they made her feel like a princess. Five-year-old Jael got a toy motorcycle. With a grin that looked like it might split his face, he immediately started building a jump for it out of a clothespin and some bark. One boy got a “dinosaurio!” which - of course - started attacking another boy’s toy soldiers.

With a big grin that is all teeth and a big overbite, a boy crouches on the ground holding a toy motorcycle close to his face. Jael is so happy with his new motorcycle!

Your Love Pak gift was all it took to spark this spontaneous joy! These are kids who don’t have much to celebrate in life. Heidi’s parents are both out of work, with little hope of finding a way to make ends meet. Jael’s mother abandoned him, choosing drugs over her son. Each child faces hardships many of us can’t even imagine. But your simple Love Pak gifts filled their day with light instead of darkness!

And it was more than just a present. The Love Pak party also included a special Christmas pancake breakfast, singing fun songs together, and fancy decorations. And it all culminated with a Nativity play, where each child got to hear just how much Jesus loves them.

As they headed home clutching their new toys, their big smiles showed how much impact this day made in their lives.


Two smiling girls sit behind a box wrapped in shiny green paper. The box looks like it's almost as big as they are! These two girls are so excited it's Love Pak time!

The kids in India were also filled with joy by their gifts. From badminton sets to books, each child got something fun. They also got useful gifts like rain coats and flashlights! But the highlight of Love Paks in India were their Christmas plays!

A girl stand in a field in a long white dress with her arms stretched out. Her skirt is floating as if she was spinning in circles and she's wearing shiny silver wings and a sparkly tiara. Indhushree loved getting to be an Angel in the Nativity play.

At one Love Pak Nativity play in India, you could see they really pulled out all the stops with costuming and make up. Mary’s makeup was exquisite and they even had miniature stable set up. The “heavenly host” was especially impressive – check out those wings and sparkly “halo!” The kids who got to participate in the play will probably never forget the experience!

The plays were exciting, but in India – just like in Mexico - the heart of each Love Pak party was reminding each child they are loved. And seeing the smiles on their faces, it seems the message was clear!


India and Mexico are just a few of the places where you blessed children with Love Pak gifts. Your Christmas cheer also spread to Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, Peru…even Sri Lanka!

A large group of children stand together holding new backpacks. A Love Pak party in Kenya.

Each child who received a gift got a powerful reminder that they are loved. Each one heard the amazing hope contained in the Nativity story. And that hope and love is something they will carry with them throughout the coming year.

A girl sit on a stair, holding a red-wrapped Christmas gift in her lap. This girl is waiting to open her gift at a Love Pak party in Thailand.

On behalf of all 6,937 kids who received the love and hope of a Christmas Love Pak, thank you!

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