What a Year!

Every year in September, Childcare Worldwide does some soul searching. This is when we set up our new budget for the coming fiscal year, and take a look back at last year’s plans to see how we did. Every year, we are amazed by all the things God accomplished, and the generous donors like you who faithfully support us every step of the way!

This year, we are celebrating:

Our new President, Bill Nienhuis

You prayed with us for a long time for the right person to fill Dr. Max Lange’s position when he retired. Since Bill came on board in November, it’s been clear that he is definitely the person God wanted in this role!

Bill has spent his first months travelling extensively, building great relationships with our staff in the field. While traveling, he’s seen our programs in action, spent time with the children we serve and gotten to know our staff who make the day-to-day work happen. He has also invested much time in developing a strong Board of Directors to provide oversight for our operations. We’ve welcomed a number of new board members, and are encouraging them to take a bigger role in managing this ministry. Currently, Bill is hard at work developing clear goals and objectives to guide each staff person and department in the coming year.

All these details mean a healthy ministry that is stronger than ever, well equipped to reach even more children with the Gospel in 2020!

Thanks for all your prayers through this transition. I hope you will join us in praising God for this new season for Childcare Worldwide.

Our Graduates!

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we know that education is the key to success. But children living in poverty often don’t have the finances to finish primary school, let alone high school or college. But thanks to all our generous sponsors and donors, our kids are in school, on a path towards a bright future!

We had 147 young adults finish a college or trade school program this past year. Now, they are entering the work force! Talking with them, they are all keenly aware of how their lives have changed. Without support from donors like you, they would have dropped out of school, and be living in poverty. They’d have no knowledge or skills. The girls would have been married-off. The boys would be turning to crime, drugs, or violence. But instead, they are renting their own homes, doing work that they are passionate about, running their own businesses, and serving their communities!

We’re so proud of all our graduates! Thank you for helping them achieve their dreams!

Clean Water

This summer, we focused on providing clean water for families in need. You responded to that need in a big way! Thanks to you, we surpassed our original clean water goal. We’d intended to build 12 new catchment systems this summer, but we built 13 instead! The tanks and filters you helped us provide are truly transforming children’s lives. Just watch this video from Uganda to see your impact:


Small Businesses Launched

For single mothers living in poverty, it can be almost impossible to make ends meet. But with your help, 59 moms are now on a path to self-sufficiency! Your gifts provided small-business training and the tools they needed to get started. Sewing machines, food carts, and salon supplies are giving them the ability to provide for their families. The best part is that since they’re working for themselves, each mom can set her own hours and balance work with caring for her kids.

Children meeting Jesus at their Life Centers

Every Saturday around the world, our kids gather at churches, schools and homes for a day of discipleship and fun. They’re speaking different languages, but the message is always the same. At Life Centers, kids learn that Jesus loves them. They also learn how to live in response to that love. There are songs, memory verses, Bibles lessons, skits, and more. And through it all, the kids are encouraged to build a personal relationship with their Savior.

Thanks to your support, over 5,000 children are engaged in this vital curriculum every single week!

None of these accomplishments would be possible without you. Thank you for faithfully supporting this ministry and the work God is doing in kids’ lives around the world. Here’s to another year of serving kids and serving God!

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