What is a Life Center?

Life Centers are the heart of Childcare Worldwide, because Life Centers provide children with a place to meet Jesus!

Every child needs to hear the Good News of Jesus. As a ministry, we’re committed to helping children not only hear that Good News, but understand what it means for them as individuals. And we do that by partnering with local churches to run Life Centers – our children’s discipleship program.

At each Life Center, groups of 30-50 children gather every Saturday for hours of God-centered fun. Most of the children are involved in our sponsorship program, but other children from the community are involved too. Either way, the Life Center is a great opportunity for children living in poverty to forget their cares for a little while. There are songs and games, and there’s good food, too! Caring adults are there to listen and to support them. At the Life Center, they don’t have to worry about hauling water, or finding enough food to eat – instead, they just get to be kids!

And that space for play and child-like joy opens up their hearts to the real purpose of the Life Center: a time of discipleship!

Life Centers use our Christian Character Building curriculum to help children meet Jesus and connect Biblical principles to their day-to-day lives. The books are tailored for different countries and age groups, but at the heart of each, is the message of Jesus’ love. With scripture memorization, Bible stories, and real-world examples, kids are learning what it means to give their life to Jesus.

And since Life Center classes are led by volunteers from the local church, and the groups are kept small, each week’s lesson is highly personalized. The teachers truly know each child – they know what their home life is like, what they’re struggling with, and what their future dreams are. So, the teachers can meet each child right where they’re at, and guide them to the Lord.

The best part is that it’s working!

We know that children living in poverty face many trials – it’s easy for them to lose hope, giving up on the dream of escaping the poverty that trapped their parents.

But at Life Centers, over and over, we see children finding true hope! All over the world, solid Biblical teaching, combined with Christian leaders investing in their lives, is leading kids to Jesus. Children are giving their lives to Jesus, and that is transforming not only their eternal future, but their earthly future as well.

Life Centers are the heart of what we do, because this ministry is founded on Jesus. And we can’t wait to see what God will do in each of our precious children, the new generation of Christ-followers being raised at Life Centers!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in sharing the Gospel with a child, learn more here.

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