When Chickens Give You Wings

Chickens can’t fly…but they might help Moses fly!

Moses is a 14-year-old boy who lives in Kenya. His two older brothers have already left to make their own way in the world, and Moses’ dad left the family many years ago. So now it’s just Moses, his little brother, and his mom at home.

Moses joined our program when he was nine. It’s been a joy to watch him grow over the years. He loves singing, and he helps his mom all he can – he sweeps the house for her and helps her cook ugali (cornmeal porridge). Sometimes he even cooks “sukuma wiki,” a veggie dish made of kale and tomatoes. His mom is so thankful for his help, as she tries to provide for the family on her own.

Moses dreams of being a pilot when he grows up – he thinks it would be amazing to not have to climb up the hills, but just be able to fly instead! Flying a plane or a helicopter is an exciting prospect, but the obstacles Moses faces in getting there are many. Thankfully, we can help! For Moses, our help comes in two main forms: his Life Center and his chickens.

Over the years, Moses’ faith has been growing, thanks to his involvement in his local Life Center. His Life Center teachers have helped him realize the importance of many Christian character traits, including honesty.

Moses recounts a story where he accidently lost some money that his mom gave him to pay the school. He was terrified to tell her that he’d lost it! It was a big blow to their tight finances, and he was sure she’d be angry. He thought about lying and saying it was stolen, but then he remembered the verse they’d been discussing at his Life Center. Proverbs 12:22 says, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” So, Moses gathered his courage and told his mom the truth. And to his surprise she wasn’t mad at him – she was upset about the money, of course, but was so proud of him for telling her honestly what had happened.

We’re excited to see Moses taking his Life Center lessons to heart. These are the lessons he needs to grow into a man of integrity, and stand out as leader in any future job.

Unfortunately, Moses needs more to succeed. You see, his mom was really struggling to make ends meet. By the time she paid rent, there was barely anything left to buy food. And if he had nothing to eat, how could Moses continue his education?

Which is why we gave Moses and his mom a Coop O’ Chickens! Their four healthy hens were able to start laying eggs right away. Now they have a sustainable, protein-packed food source! Plus, they can sell the eggs at the market, to earn some extra income. “I was really happy,” Moses said about getting the chickens, “especially because we are on our own without a father to help take care of us. It was a good thing for us.”

It’s Moses’s job to take care of the chickens. He cleans their cages, and gives them fresh water. And every day, he gets to gather the eggs.

The best part is that chickens empower both Moses and his mom long-term! Thanks to the chickens, they’re able to eat healthier. They’re able to independently provide for themselves instead of relying on our ongoing support. Plus, Moses is learning practical entrepreneurial and economic lessons that will serve him well when he’s an adult. And the extra nutrients Moses is getting are helping him do better than ever in school.

All these benefits from the chickens mean that Moses now has a much better chance of finishing his education and continuing on to achieve his dream of being a pilot. And that’s how a chicken can help a boy fly!

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