Why Water?

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we care a lot about clean water. It is imperative that the kids we serve have access to safe water. The cost of not meeting this basic need is simply too high.

A group of Kenyan children splash and play in a cistern of clear water. Children in Kenya get excited about clean water too!

Here’s a look at the top 5 reasons why clean water is important:

  1. It affects a LOT of people. More than 780 million people don’t have access to clean water. Two and a half billion people – 1 in 3! – don’t even have access to a basic toilet. We take our running water so for granted, but for many people it’s an unimaginable luxury. Listen to Deborah, one of the children currently on tour with the Ugandan Kids Choir, discuss her first experience with an American shower: “It’s amazing… there are these knobs on the wall and you turn them and out comes the water like rain above your head. And you can make it warm if you like. In Uganda, we use a bucket.” There are millions of people across the globe who would relate to her experience.


  1. Lack of water means poor hygiene...and that is fatal. Over 5,000 children die every day from water-related diseases and poor sanitation. Eighty percent of sicknesses in developing countries are linked to poor sanitation and water conditions.

    A small Ugandan boy fills a water jug in a muddy stream with trash surrounding him and piled on the banks. This little boy in Uganda doesn't have anywhere else to gather water besides this muddy, trash-filled stream.


  1. Even when a waterborne illness isn’t fatal, it is still takes an enormous toll. It is estimated that 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases. Every lost school day is a lost opportunity for a child to break out of poverty.


  1. The time spent walking to water sources is a huge waste of time! Worldwide, women and girls spend 200 million hours every single day collecting water. Imagine if those 200 million hours could be spent productively on finding food, developing a career, or getting an education…! What a difference we would see in the world!


  1. And most importantly, attacking the water crisis is one of the best ways to fight poverty. Water access and poverty are bound together – bringing clean water and sanitation into impoverished communities improves health, increases productivity, empowers women, and expands education. Every $1 invested in water, sanitation and hygiene yields as much as $4 in return, as health improves and people can invest their time and energy more productively. In short, clean water access has the power to eradicate poverty!

    A young Kenyan boy cups his hands to catch clear water from a spigot attached to a large water tank. Our water catchment systems provide access to clean, safe water!

So yes – we care a lot about water! Learn more about how Childcare Worldwide is working on the water crisis here.

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