With love, from the choir

With our three choirs currently touring the U.S., we thought it would be fun for you to get to know a few of the kids a little bit better. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, what better topic is there to talk about than love?

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Read on to hear the Choir Kids talk about the things they love, and most importantly, how they feel about the love of God.

What music or songs do you love the most and why?
TITUS – I like to sing "Lord I lift your name on high" because I get to sing loud for Jesus, it's my favorite!
JOAN – “Jabulani,” “Tambira” and “Soul on Fire” by Third Day. They have beautiful voices and they catch on in my heart and I feel the Holy Spirit.
TONNY – “Jabulani,” “It is Well,” “Shout to the Lord,” “Amazing Grace” and “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman. These songs are beautiful; they make me feel good. I want to sing them!
JOAB – “Jabulani,” “Come Let Us Sing” and “Amazing Grace (Chains are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin. I like these songs because they make me feel good
MILLICENT – “He Knows My Name,” “Jabulani,” “Ode” by David Dunn and “Oh Holy Night.” They bless people. When I sing them, it makes me feel good and I remember Jesus on the cross.
CAROL – “Amazing Grace (Chains are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin, “Hello” by Adele and “Oh Holy Night.” Just the music, it makes me feel good. I want to sing them every time.
ALISHA – “He Knows My Name”; it makes me feel close to God.
DIANA – “It Is Well”; it touches my heart.
IBRAHAM – “Beautiful” is my favorite song to listen to.
JOSEPH – I feel a lot of peace when I hear the song “Beautiful.”

What do you love most about being on tour?
TITUS – I liked it when we saw the beach, it was like, wow! I want to swim, it’s not dirty water.
JOAN – Singing and Dancing and eating rice and chicken and hamburgers.
TONNY – Swimming and riding bikes, performing and doing school and going to new places in America.
JOAB – Swimming, because it is fun!
MILLICENT – Dancing, I love it, and swimming – it’s my favorite thing to do.
CAROL – I like to be with my aunties, and I like to be with my friends.
ALISHA – I like it when we get to color in coloring books.
DIANA – I like meeting new people.
IBRAHAM – My favorite part is performing for others. That’s always exciting.
JOSEPH – I like it when we are taken to the playgrounds to play!

What do you love most about the US?
TITUS – I love my host homes, getting to have lots of aunties and uncles, some of them have good games and lots of food.
JOAN – Chicago, because I love their tall buildings, the food and I love to swim.
TONNY – The people – they use their minds and they don’t have bad manners.
JOAB – Buildings because they are big and tall and beautiful!
MILLICENT – Hamburgers, because they are sweet and delicious.
CAROL – Candy, because it is sweet and I get more here (than at home).
ALISHA – I like the playgrounds, they’re really fun!
DIANA – My favorite thing about the US is all the variety of different foods; in Uganda, we don’t have so many interesting things to try.
IBRAHAM – I love staying with the host families and getting to know people better.
JOSEPH – I like the houses in the US. They are so big and nice.

What do you love most about Uganda?
TITUS – I like my school in Uganda, it is fun to go to school.
JOAN – Because Uganda has many fruits and many animals. Their homes, which they build with bricks and soil. Another thing I love about Uganda are their shops – they have beautiful things in them.
TONNY – The lake (Lake Victoria), because it is so big. I like the people and I also like Kampala which is the capital because it has tall buildings.
JOAB – Other children, because I like to play ball games with them.
MILLICENT – The food, because it’s good and delicious.
CAROL – Food, because it is my cultural food and feels really good when I eat it.
ALISHA – I like my school.
DIANA – I love Uganda because it is my country and they are my people. I feel connected to it.
IBRAHAM – I love my school in Uganda.
JOSEPH – My favorite part about Uganda is education.

What does the love of God mean to you?
JOAN – It gives me life, and it teaches me the Bible; and how my aunties have taught me to read the Bible.
TONNY – It makes me feel good, that God never leave me.
JOAB – Feels good that God loves me.
MILLICENT – It is great that God loves us and created us and Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
CAROL – I feel good because God loves me, because God sent His Son. He’s my Savior!
ALISHA – The love of God is how he teaches us to love others. He loves us the same way he teaches us to love.
DIANA – God shows his love to me by supplying everything I need.
IBRAHAM – The love of God to me is how we are created in His image.
JOSEPH – To me the love of God is how He said He would not leave the orphans in John 14:18.
The choir kids remind us through their fun and sometimes adorable responses that love is expressed in many ways and on many levels, but most deeply, between ourselves and God. We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the kids as much as we did.

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